Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.BraceCompletion Namespace

  Class Description
Public class BracePairAttribute Specifies the opening and closing braces.

  Interface Description
Public interface IBraceCompletionContext Represents a simple context used to extend the default brace completion behaviors to include language-specific behaviors such as parsing and formatting.
Public interface IBraceCompletionContextProvider An extension point used to create an IBraceCompletionContext to provide language-specific handling on top of the default TIBraceCompletionSession objects.
Public interface IBraceCompletionDefaultProvider An extension point for the default non-language-specific brace completion behavior. It should be used to export metadata containing the opening and closing braces to provide for the given ContentType.
Public interface IBraceCompletionSession Represents a brace completion session for the purpose of tracking a pair of braces and handling actions occurring between the OpeningPoint and ClosingPoint.
Public interface IBraceCompletionSessionProvider An extension point used to create an IBraceCompletionSession for brace completion. A session tracks a set of braces and handles actions performed by the user within the braces to allow for overtyping of the closing brace and additional formatting.