This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.WebTesting.Rules Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.WebTesting.Rules namespace contains a set of rules used by Web tests to test Web pages. These rules provide Web tests a set of tools to test the content of Web pages. Additionally, custom rules can be created to extend the functionality of Web tests. Rules are identified by two categories: extraction rules and validation rules. Extraction rules find content in Web pages and adds the information to the context which can be passed to future requests. Validation rules test for the existence of content.

Public classExtractAttributeValueExtract the value of an attribute from a specified HTML tag.
Public classExtractFormFieldExtracts the value of a form field attribute and adds it to the WebTestContext.
Public classExtractHiddenFieldsExtracts all hidden fields from the response and adds each value to the context.
Public classExtractHttpHeaderUsed to extract an HTTP header value from the response and place the value of the header into the WebTestContext.
Public classExtractRegularExpressionExtracts text from the response that matches the regular expression pattern.
Public classExtractTextExtract text from the HtmlDocument based on delimiting start/end strings, matching regular expressions, and the occurrence of the text. The extracted text is added to the WebTestContext.
Public classValidateFormFieldValidates the name and value of a form field attribute.
Public classValidationRuleFindTextValidates that the specified text exists or does not exist in the text response.
Public classValidationRuleRequestTimeValidates that the response for a request is returned within the specified period of time.
Public classValidationRuleRequiredAttributeValueValidates that the HtmlDocument provided by the response contains a tag that includes an attribute that has a specified value.
Public classValidationRuleRequiredTagValidates the existence of a specified tag in the response.