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UITechnologyElement Properties

The UITechnologyElement type exposes the following members.

Public property ChildIndex Gets the zero-based position in the collection of child elements of the parent element.
Public property ClassName Gets the class name of this element as assigned by the developer.
Public property ControlTypeName Gets the universal control type of this element.
Public property FriendlyName Gets the friendly name for this element for display in the user interface.
Public property IsLeafNode Gets a value that indicates whether this element is a leaf node, which means that it has no children.
Public property IsPassword Gets a value that indicates whether this element contains protected content.
Public property IsTreeSwitchingRequired Gets a value that indicates whether tree switching is required for windowless tree switching cases.
Public property Name Gets the name of this element.
Public property NativeElement Gets the underlying native technology element, such as IAccessible, that corresponds to this element.
Public property QueryId Gets an identifier object that can be used to uniquely identify and find this element.
Public property SupportLevel Gets a value that is used by the test recording and playback engine to find a matching UITechnologyManager for this element.
Public property SwitchingElement Gets or sets the container element if this element is hosted inside an element of another technology. This API supports the test framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public property TechnologyManager Gets the current technology manager.
Public property TechnologyName Gets the name of the corresponding technology of this element.
Public property TopLevelElement Gets or sets the top-level window for this element.
Public property Value Gets or sets the value of this element as a string.
Public property WindowHandle Gets the handle to the Win32 window that contains this element.
Public property WindowTitles Gets a list of the top-level window titles, of which one is the ancestor of this element.

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