We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Common Namespace

This namespace provides classes that specify the test action, test step, and configuration objects for testing the UI functionality of your application.

  Class Description
Public class ActionList Represents the list of actions in a UITest.
Public class AggregatedAction Provides a base class for all actions that can complete any one of several tasks.
Public class AssertAction Represents an assertion to be included in the test between other actions.
Public class BrowserAction Represents a test action that can complete any one of several browser tasks.
Public class DelayAction Specifies a time delay after subsequent actions in a user interface (UI) test are executed.
Public class DragAction Represents a mouse drag action.
Public class DragDropAction Represents a mouse drag-and-drop operation.
Public class EncryptionInformation Represents information about the encryption of values for SendKeysAction and SetValueAction.
Public class ErrorAction Represents an action that is used by the test recorder to report that it was unable to record an action.
Public class IESettings Represents configuration settings for Internet Explorer.
Public class InputAction Represents the base class for all text-based actions.
Public class InvokeAction This class contains action related to invoke action.
Public class KeyboardAction Represents individual keyboard user actions.
Public class LaunchApplicationAction Represents a UI test action that launches an application.
Public class MarkerAction Provides a way to insert markers in an action sequence that causes no operation during playback.
Public class MediaAction Defines a Media action
Public class MouseAction Represents information about a mouse operation.
Public class NavigateToUrlAction Represents an operation to move to a URL.
Public class NoOperationAction Represents a user interface (UI) test action that does nothing.
Public class RemoveKeysAction Provides notice to aggregating test actions to remove this action and all previous matching key actions from the test results.
Public class SendKeysAction Represents a test action that sends text or an array of keys.
Public class SetBaseAction Provides a base class for those test actions that set value or set state.
Public class SetStateAction Represents a test action that sets the state of the associated element.
Public class Setting Represents a unit of configuration setting information.
Public class SettingGroup
Public class SettingMismatch Represents the differences in the comparison of two Setting objects that have the same name.
Public class SetValueAction Represents a test action that sets a value.
Public class SharedStepsReferenceAction Provides a reference to a set of shared steps for the current test.
Public class StringAssertAction Represents a string assertion.
Public class SystemAction This class contains action related to system action.
Public class TestStepMarkerAction Represents a marker in a test action sequence that is logged, but is not used by the playback framework.
Public class TouchAction Contains information about touch actions.
Public class UITest Represents a coded UI test in Visual Studio.
Public class UITestAction Provides a base class for test actions that are used with user interface (UI) tests.
Public class UITestActionEventArgs Provides event arguments for UITestAction events.
Public class UITestActionExtension A class that contains information related to the action.
Public class UITestActionFilter Contains methods and properties to aggregate similar action results into a single result.
Public class UITestActionInvoker Provides constructors and methods to start a specific UI test action.
Public class UITestActionListEventArgs Provides event arguments for events that are raised by UITestActionListSection objects.
Public class UITestEnvironment Represents the stored configuration.
Public class UITestEnvironmentContainerBase<TChild> Provides a base class for a UI test environment container class.
Public class UITestErrorEventArgs Provides event arguments for exceptions that are thrown when an error occurs when processing tests in the user interface (UI).
Public class UITestEventArgs Represents the arguments for events while executing tests in the user interface (UI).
Public class UITestProgressEventArgs Represents the event arguments for events that report the progress of a UITest.
Public class UITestWarningEventArgs Provides event arguments for warning exceptions that occur during processing of a UITestAction.
Public class ValidationAction Represents an action that validates a property value.
Public class VerifyConfigurationAction Represents an action that verifies configuration.
Public class WarningAction Represents an action that is used by the UI recorder to report that it was unable to record an action correctly.
Public class WebDialogAction Represents an action that reports on a Web dialog box.

  Interface Description
Public interface IUITestActionStack This interface provides access for aggregator plug-ins to the action list of the UI test recorder.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate CustomInvoker Provides the ability to invoke custom actions.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AssertCondition Indicates how an assertion in a user interface test compares values.
Public enumeration BrowserActionType The actions supported by BrowserAction
Public enumeration GestureType
Public enumeration KeyActionType Represents the kind of action to perform on a text input.
Public enumeration ManipulationType Manipulation type.
Public enumeration MarkerDirections Indicates the reason for a TestStepMarkerAction.
Public enumeration MarkerRegionType Indicates the scope of a TestStepMarkerAction.
Public enumeration MismatchType Indicates the type of mismatch for a SettingMismatch object.
Public enumeration MouseActionType Enumerates the types of possible mouse actions for the MouseAction.
Public enumeration StringAssertCondition Indicates the relationship between the expected value and the actual string value.
Public enumeration UITestActionFilterCategory Represents the categories for UITestActionFilter objects.
Public enumeration UITestActionFilterType Indicates the type of filter for a UITestActionFilter object.
Public enumeration UITestActionListSection
Public enumeration UITestErrorActionResult Represents the error handling options that are available to exception handlers.