This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.Common Namespace

Public interfaceIAspNetDevelopmentServerTest
Public interfaceIDataSourceBindingData
Public interfaceIFastVisiblePropertyProvider
Public interfaceIFileProvider
Public interfaceIHostedTestA test type that implements the IHostedTest interface or inherits from a class that implements the IHostedTest interface can be hosted by a host adapter. Custom test types are usually derived from the TestElement class, and the TestElement class implements the IHostedTest interface. Consequently, any test type that derives from TestElement can be hosted by a host adapter.
Public interfaceIHostSpecificRunConfigurationData
Public interfaceIPersistable
Public interfaceITestAggregation
Public interfaceITestElement
Public interfaceITestElementResultTestPropertyProvider
Public interfaceITestListInterface for creating custom test lists.
Public interfaceITestTypeSpecificRunConfigurationData
Public interfaceITipInterface for a test item provider that must be implemented for each type of test.
Public interfaceITmiInfrastructure. Represents the Test Management interface (UI) of .
Public interfaceIVerifiable
Public interfaceIVisiblePropertyProvider
Public interfaceIWarningHandlerRepresents an interface for test classes that handle and report warning events.

Public delegateDebugEventHandler