TfDTECommand Class

Visual Studio 2012

Encapsulate a single TfDTE command All TfDTE command accepts the following options: /output:outputFile Specifies an output file. If the command has output, the output should be written to this file. When the command finishes execution, the file outputFile.ready is created to indicate that it is ready. The TfDTE caller can put a FileSystemWatcher on this outputFile.ready file and asynchronously get a notification when the command has finished. The TfDTE command creates the .ready file if it does not exist and replaces the file if it already exists.

The format of outputFile depends on the command.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation.dll)

public class TfDTECommand

The TfDTECommand type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArguments
Public propertyHelpTopicGet/Set the help topic associated with this command. This is used in displaying an error message.
Public propertyIsAvailableReturns true if the command can be executed
Public propertyName
Public propertyOptionIDs
Public propertyOutputFileGet the output file from /output option, if it is specified
Public propertyOutputReadyFileGet the output.ready file from /output option, if it is specified
Public propertyTitleGet/Set the title associated with this command. This is used in displaying an error message.

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Public methodParseArguments(String)Parse the arguments from a string of concatenated arguments. This is called from the direct VSIP command hooks.
Public methodParseArguments(String[])Parse the arguments from the list of parameters. This is called from the TfDTE command manager.
Public methodReportBadOptionCombinationIfPresentReports a conflict by throwing an exception if both options are present.
Public methodReportMissingAssociatedOptionChecks that a second option is specified with the first and throws an ArgumentListException if the required option is missing.
Public methodTfDTEExecuteExecute the command
Public methodTfDTEExecuteWithReadyFileExecute the command and create the output.ready file when the work has finished. DTE command are async. The output.ready file hints the caller that the command has finished execution.
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Public methodVSIPExecHelper VSIP exec for used with direct VSIP command hook up.
Public methodVSIPQueryStatusHelper VSIP query status for used with direct VSIP command hook up.

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