This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TeamFoundation Namespace

Public classCatalogs
Public classCommandHandler
Public classCommandHandler.Command
Public classCommandHandlerHelperProvides helpers for command handlers
Public classPluginCatalogFactory
Public classPluginRegistrationAttribute
Public classPluginRegistrationAttribute.RegistryKeyNames
Public classProjectContext Obsolete.
Public classProjectContextExtRepresents Team Foundation Server project context.
Public classTeamFoundationIconStripHelperVs
Public classTeamFoundationServerExtThis represents the Team Foundation Server extensibility model within Visual Studio.
Public classTfDTEBasicRoutedCommandCreate a DTE command that routes the execution/status to a command handler
Public classTfDTECommandEncapsulate a single TfDTE command All TfDTE command accepts the following options: /output:outputFile Specifies an output file. If the command has output, the output should be written to this file. When the command finishes execution, the file outputFile.ready is created to indicate that it is ready. The TfDTE caller can put a FileSystemWatcher on this outputFile.ready file and asynchronously get a notification when the command has finished. The TfDTE command creates the .ready file if it does not exist and replaces the file if it already exists. The format of outputFile depends on the command.
Public classTfDTECommand.DefaultPrefixesDefault command prefixes (for convenience and guidance)
Public classToolWindowBaseThis class implements a base tool window for Team Foundation. In Visual Studio tool windows are composed of a frame (implemented by the shell) and a pane, usually implemented by the package implementer. This class derives from the ToolWindowPane class provided from the MPF in order to use its implementation of the IVsWindowPane interface.
Public classTreeThemedImageSourceConverter
Public classVisualStudio11Sku
Public classVisualStudioIdleWrapperClass enabling other components to subscribe to the Visual Studio Idle event.

Public interfaceIHostPlugin
Public interfaceITeamFoundationInitializationServiceThis is the service that the TeamFoundationHost provides inside Visual Studio.