MEINIT Members
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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MEINIT Members

Contains values for the Menu editor initialization. Used with CreateMenuEditor calls.

The following tables list the members exposed by the MEINIT type.

  Name Description
Public field cchNameLimit DWORD containing the maximum number of characters in the name. 
Public field cchTextLimit DWORD Specifying the maximum numbers of characters in menu item captions. 
Public field dwFlags DWORD specifying flags for support/no support of certain properties. Values are taken from the __VSMEINIT enumeration. 
Public field dwSizeOfStruct DWORD specifying the size of the struct. 
Public field hwnd Specifies the destination window for menu. 
Public field hwndParent Specifies the parent of destination window. 
Public field pMenuEditorSite Specifies the menu editor site. 
Public field psp Specifies the IServiceProvider
Public field pszAccelList Fixed list of acceptable accelerators. 
Public field pUndoMgr Specifies the IOleUndoManager
Public field SiteId Unique Id for identifying extra data in clipboard operations. 

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