IVsMonitorSelection Members
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IVsMonitorSelection Members

Enables VSPackages to receive notification of selection events and to retrieve information about the current project hierarchy, item, element value, and command UI context.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IVsMonitorSelection type.

  Name Description
Public method AdviseSelectionEvents Registers a VSPackage for selection event notification.  
Public method GetCmdUIContextCookie Registers a command UI context GUID and returns cookie value.  
Public method GetCurrentElementValue Returns the value for a particular element.  
Public method GetCurrentSelection Returns the current project hierarchy, project item, and selection container for the current selection.  
Public method IsCmdUIContextActive Determines whether a specific command UI context is active.  
Public method SetCmdUIContext Sets the state of the command UI context to active or inactive.  
Public method UnadviseSelectionEvents Cancels a registration for selection event notification.  
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