This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IVsDebugger2 Members

Provides additional access to the debugger. You can get an instance of this interface from the SVsShellDebugger (SID_SVsShellDebugger) service. This interface extends IVsDebugger.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IVsDebugger2 type.

  Name Description
Public method ConfirmStopDebugging Displays a dialog and message to confirm the user wants to stop debugging.  
Public method CreateDataTip Creates an enhanced data tip object.  
Public method EnumDebugEngines Returns an enumerator for the active debugging engines. The enumerator provides the GUIDs for the engines.  
Public method GetConsoleHandlesForProcess Provides the standard console handles for the debugger so that another process can redirect its standard handles to the debug window.  
Public method GetEngineName Given the GUID of a debugging engine, returns the name of the engine. Use this method with EnumDebugEngines to retrieve the names of all active debugging engines.  
Public method GetInternalDebugMode
Public method GetOutputHandleForProcess
Public method GetSymbolPath
Public method GetUseQuickConsoleOptionSetting
Public method InsertBreakpointByName
Public method IsEngineCompatible Checks the compatibility of a debugging engine with other debugging engines.  
Public method LaunchDebugTargets2 Launches or attaches to the specified processes under the control of the debugger.  
Public method ShowSource Displays a source file in the IDE. Takes as arguments a pointer to an IUnknown interface that can be queried for IDebugDocumentContext2 and display options.  
Public method ToggleUseQuickConsoleOption