IEnumComponents Interface


Enumerates the components in a component picker.

Namespace:   Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.dll)

public interface IEnumComponents


Clones the current enumeration component.

System_CAPS_pubmethodNext(UInt32, VSCOMPONENTSELECTORDATA[], UInt32)

Retrieves a specified number of items in an enumeration sequence.


Resets an enumeration sequence to the beginning.


Skips a specified number of components in an enumeration sequence.

An enumerator is a COM object that provides an interface for iterating through items in a collection. Use this interface to enumerate the components in a component picker, such as the Add Reference dialog box.

Notes to Implementers:

IEnumComponents interface enumerates components to populate your own custom tab in a component picker.

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