__VSSPROPID Enumeration
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__VSSPROPID Enumeration

Specifies source code control property settings for the environment.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.dll)

public enum __VSSPROPID

Member nameDescription
VSSPROPID_LASTFlag indicating the last property identifier in this group of identifiers.
VSSPROPID_StartupDirBSTR directory where running executable started up.
VSSPROPID_VirtualRegistryRootBSTR registry key name (must be appended to HKLM or HKCU).

New code should instead use GetLocalRegistryRootEx.

VSSPROPID_OpenFileFilterBSTR. Open file filter list string.
VSSPROPID_FindInFilesFilterBSTR. Find in files filter list string.
VSSPROPID_AddExistItemFilterBSTR. Add existing item filter list string.
VSSPROPID_IsInOfficeModeBOOL true if environment is in Office mode.
VSSPROPID_InstallDirectoryBSTR. Directory where visual studio executable was installed.
VSSPROPID_PreBuildRunPreviewI4 One of PBRP_ values (PBRP_SaveChanges/PBRP_DontSaveChanges/PBRP_PromptForSave)
VSSPROPID_IsComplexScriptAvailObsolete. Do not use.
VSSPROPID_hinstComplexScriptObsolete. Do not use.
VSSPROPID_hinstMSO4. hinst of mso*.dll.
VSSPROPID_ViewSourceModeBOOL. Set to true if the environment is to be in VSSPROPID_ViewSourceMode.
VSSPROPID_RecordStateI4. VSRECORDSTATE enumeration type specifying macro recording state of the environment.
VSSPROPID_ZombieBOOL. true if the environment is in an inactive state.
VSSPROPID_AnimationsOnBOOL. true if environment animations are on.
VSSPROPID_ProcessingPendingMessageFilterMsgBOOL. true if Processing Pending MessageFilter message.
VSSPROPID_IsInteractiveObsolete. Do not use. Use VSSPROPID_IsInCommandLineMode instead.
VSSPROPID_DetectFileChangesBOOL. true if editors are supposed to watch for file changes.
VSSPROPID_OpenFromCurrDocDirBOOL true if Open File operation starts in current document's directory.
VSSPROPID_ReloadChangedFilesI4. VSRELOADOPTION. Tells editors how to respond to externally modified documents.
VSSPROPID_AppDataDirBSTR. Application data directory.
VSSPROPID_IsInCommandLineModeBOOL. true if environment is running as a command line tool. Do not display any UI in this case. false if the environment is to display ordinary UI.
VSSPROPID_ShowOutputPaneOnBuildBeginBOOL. true if the environment is to show the output pane when you start to build a project.
VSSPROPID_ShowTasklistOnBuildEndBOOL. true if the environment is to show the task list when the build is complete.
VSSPROPID_hmsoinstMSOI4. HMSOINST of mso*.dll.
VSSPROPID_ShowMiscFilesProjectBOOL. true if the environment is to make the Miscellaneous Files project visible in Solution Explorer.
VSSPROPID_ObjectMgrTypesImgListI4. Handle to environment's image list for symbol types (class, interface, method, etc). Do not free because the environment frees it during final shutdown.
VSSPROPID_SCCGlyphsImgListI4. Handle to environment's image list for source code control glyphs, which are indexed by VsStateIcon. Do not free because the environment frees it during final shutdown.
VSSPROPID_SuppressMessageFilterBusyDialogBOOL. If true the "Component Busy/Retry/Switch" dialog is suppressed. This element is used by Visual Studio for Applications for break mode.
VSSPROPID_VisualStudioProjDirBSTR. The full path location of the Visual Studio Projects directory.
VSSPROPID_PreBuildRunPreviewSaveOptsI4. __VSRDTSAVEOPTIONS to pass to SaveDocuments when VSSPROPID_PreBuildRunPreview does not equal PBRP_DontSaveChanges.
VSSPROPID_FIRSTFlag indicating the first property identifier in this group of identifiers.

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