Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Flavor Namespace

Public classFlavoredProjectA project that is a subtype or flavor of an inner project. All methods by default delegate to the inner project. Non-default behaviors should be handled by the flavored project.
Public classFlavoredProjectBaseA project that is a subtype/flavor of an inner project.
Public classFlavoredProjectFactoryA factory for creating flavored projects, otherwise known as project subtypes.
Public classFlavoredProjectFactoryBaseBase class for flavored project factories.
Public classProjectDocumentsChangeEventArgsContains event data for events relating to files and folders of the project subtype, for example the FileAdded event.

Public interfaceILocalRegistryCorrectedEstablishes a locally-registered COM object relative to the local Visual Studio registry hive.
Public interfaceIVsAggregatableProjectCorrectedImplemented by a project that supports adding project subtypes through aggregation.
Public interfaceIVsAggregatableProjectFactoryCorrectedCreates a project type that supports aggregation.
Public interfaceIVsProjectAggregator2

Public delegateFlavoredProject.EventHandler<ProjectDocumentsChangeEventArgs>Represents the method that handles events that relate to files and folders of the flavored project.
Public delegateFlavoredProjectBase.EventHandler<ProjectDocumentsChangeEventArgs>

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