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Microsoft.VisualStudio.SharePoint Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.SharePoint namespace contains types you can use to extend the SharePoint project system in Visual Studio. For more information about using the types in this namespace, see Extending the SharePoint Project System.

Although most of the types in this namespace are interfaces, only the following interfaces are intended to be implemented in your code:

Public classClassNameChangedEventArgsProvides data for an event raised when the name of a class is changed.
Public classClassNameChangingEventArgsProvides data for an event raised when the name of a class is about to be changed.
Public classDeploymentEventArgsProvides data for the DeploymentStarted and DeploymentCompleted events.
Public classDeploymentPathChangedEventArgsProvides data for the DeploymentPathChanged event.
Public classDeploymentStepCanceledEventArgsRepresents the event argument class used for the DeploymentStepCanceled event.
Public classDeploymentStepCompletedEventArgsProvides data for the DeploymentStepCompleted event.
Public classDeploymentStepFailedEventArgsRepresents the event argument class used for the DeploymentStepFailed event.
Public classDeploymentStepStartedEventArgsProvides data for the DeploymentStepStarted event.
Public classDeploymentTypeChangedEventArgsProvides data for the DeploymentTypeChanged event.
Public classHighTrustCreationInformationProvides information for creating a web project as part of a high trust app.
Public classMenuItemEventArgsRepresents the event arguments class for the Click event.
Public classNameChangedEventArgsRepresents the event arguments class for the NameChanged event.
Public classNamespaceNameChangedEventArgsProvides data for an event raised when the name of a namespace has been changed.
Public classNamespaceNameChangingEventArgsProvides data for an event raised when the name of a namespace is about to be changed.
Public classSharePointCommandCanceledExceptionThe exception that is raised when a SharePoint command is canceled by user.
Public classSharePointCommandExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a SharePoint command fails.
Public classSharePointConnectionDisabledExceptionThe exception that is raised when SharePoint connection is disabled.
Public classSharePointConnectionExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an attempt to connect to the local SharePoint site fails.
Public classSharePointProjectEventArgsProvides data for events related to SharePoint projects.
Public classSharePointProjectItemEventArgsProvides data for events related to SharePoint project items.
Public classSharePointProjectItemFileEventArgsProvides data for events related to SharePoint project item files.
Public classSharePointProjectItemIconAttributeSpecifies the icon to display in Solution Explorer for a custom project item type.
Public classSharePointProjectItemMenuItemsRequestedEventArgsProvides data for the ProjectItemMenuItemsRequested event.
Public classSharePointProjectItemOpenEventArgsProvides data for the Open event.
Public classSharePointProjectItemPropertiesRequestedEventArgsProvides data for the ProjectItemPropertiesRequested event.
Public classSharePointProjectItemStartupUrlRequestedEventArgsProvides data for the ProjectItemStartupUrlRequested event.
Public classSharePointProjectItemTypeAttributeSpecifies the ID of a project item type that is being defined, or the ID of a project item type that is being extended.
Public classSharePointProjectMenuItemsRequestedEventArgsProvides data for the ProjectMenuItemsRequested event.
Public classSharePointProjectPropertiesRequestedEventArgsProvides data for the ProjectPropertiesRequested event.

Public interfaceIAnnotatedObjectRepresents the IAnnotationDictionary, which enables association of custom data with the object implementing this interface.
Public interfaceIAnnotationDictionaryRepresents a dictionary of custom data objects that you can associate with certain objects in the SharePoint tools object model.
Public interfaceICodeRefactoringEventsProvides events that notify about the occurrence of a refactoring operation.
Public interfaceIDeployableFileProvides the base interface for all files that can be packaged into the WSP file and deployed to SharePoint. These files share a set of deployment-related properties.
Public interfaceIFeatureReceiverRepresents a feature receiver in SharePoint.
Public interfaceIMappedFolderRepresents a folder in a SharePoint project that is mapped to a location in SharePoint.
Public interfaceIMappedFolderCollectionRepresents a collection of mapped folders in a SharePoint project.
Public interfaceIMenuItemRepresents a menu item that can be added to a context menu for ISharePointProjectItem or IExplorerNode.
Public interfaceIMenuItemCollectionRepresents a collection of menu items that are added dynamically in the ProjectItemMenuItemsRequested event handler.
Public interfaceINotifyObjectDisposedA class implementing this interface notifies you when an object is disposed.
Public interfaceINotifyObjectDisposingA class implementing this interface notifies you when an object is being disposed.
Public interfaceIObservableModelElementRepresents a DSL model element that exposes property changing/changed events.
Public interfaceIPropertySourceCollectionRepresents a collection of property source objects that appear in the Properties window.
Public interfaceISafeControlEntryRepresents a safe control entry that is added to SharePoint's web.config file when it is deployed.
Public interfaceISafeControlEntryCollectionRepresents a collection of safe control entries.
Public interfaceISharePointAppSettingsRepresents the settings of application for SharePoint or application for Office.
Public interfaceISharePointCollection<T>Represents a read-only collection of items. It provides no public methods to modify content of the collection. It is used as a base type for a number of collections in SharePoint project model. These collections are typically changed internally and events can be used to monitor for these changes.
Public interfaceISharePointConnectionProvides methods you can use to execute SharePoint commands that call into the SharePoint server object model from an extension of the SharePoint tools in Visual Studio.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectRepresents the SharePoint project.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectCollectionA collection of all SharePoint projects in the Visual Studio solution.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectEventsDefines the events relevant to ISharePointProject objects. The implementing object defines the context on which these events occur.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectExtensionRepresents an extension for SharePoint projects.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectFeatureProvides information about features.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectFeatureCollectionA collection of all SharePoint features defined in the SharePoint project.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectFeatureResourceFileRepresents a resource file for the feature.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectFeatureResourceFileCollectionRepresents the collection of resource files for a feature.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemRepresents an instance of a SharePoint project item, implemented by the SharePoint project system.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemCollectionRepresents a collection of SharePoint project items.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemEventsDefines the events relevant to ISharePointProjectItem objects.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemFileRepresents a file in the SharePoint project system.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemFileCollectionRepresents a collection of files in a SharePoint project item.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemFileEventsDefines the events relating to ISharePointProjectItemFile objects.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemTypeRepresents a type of a SharePoint project item. It enables users to associate custom data with a type because it inherits from the IAnnotatedObject interface.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemTypeDefinitionHelps define the type of a SharePoint project item.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemTypeExtensionRepresents an extension for a particular type of SharePoint project item.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemTypeProviderProvides the definition of a custom SharePoint project item type.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemVirtualFileRepresents a file in the SharePoint project system.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectItemVirtualFileCollectionRepresents the collection of files in a SharePoint project item.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectLoggerRepresents the SharePoint logging service, which enables SharePoint project extensions to log messages into the Output window and Error List, depending on the specified LogCategory.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectMemberRepresents a member of a SharePoint project.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectMemberReferenceSpecifies a reference to an item in a SharePoint project.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectMemberReferenceCollectionRepresents a collection of SharePoint project item references.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectMemberReferenceResolverSpecifies an API that resolves references between SharePoint project items and the items themselves.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectOutputReferenceRepresents the primary output of a referenced Visual Studio project.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectOutputReferenceCollectionRepresents a collection of project output references belonging to a project item.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectPackageThe SharePoint package associated with the SharePoint project.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectServiceRepresents the SharePoint project service, a root object for the SharePoint project object model.
Public interfaceISharePointProjectStartupItemRepresents items that can be set as the startup item of an ISharePointProject.

Public enumerationAssemblyDeploymentTargetSpecifies where the output assembly of the project will be deployed.
Public enumerationDeploymentTypeSpecifies the type of deployment to be performed on a file.
Public enumerationLogCategorySpecifies where messages written by using the SharePoint log service appear in the Output window and Error List window.
Public enumerationMappedFolderTypeSpecifies the type of a mapped folder in a SharePoint project.
Public enumerationSharePointProjectModeSpecifies the mode for the SharePoint project.
Public enumerationSupportedAssemblyDeploymentTargetsAn enumeration that represents all of the supported assembly deployment targets for a specified SharePoint project item.
Public enumerationSupportedDeploymentScopesSpecifies the deployment scopes in which a SharePoint project item can be activated in SharePoint.
Public enumerationSupportedTrustLevelsEnumeration values that specify the trust level in SharePoint supported by the SharePoint project item.
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