This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Client Namespace

Visual Studio 2013

  Class Description
Public class CredentialStorageConstants
Public class CredentialStorageUtility
Public class DefaultServiceImplementationAttribute
Public class ExtensibleServiceTypeNotRegisteredException
Public class ExtensibleServiceTypeNotValidException
Public class NotificationContext
Public class NotificationSubscription
Public class ServiceBusExceptionMessage
Public class VssBasicCredential Provides a credential for basic authentication against a Visual Studio Service.
Public class VssBasicToken Provides a token for basic authentication of internet identities.
Public class VssClientCertificateManager
Public class VssClientCredentials Provides credentials to use when connecting to a Visual Studio Service.
Public class VssClientCredentialStorage A helper class that adds Token Storage support to normal VssClientCredentials.
Public class VssClientNotificationManager
Public class VssConnection
Public class VssFederatedCredential Provides federated authentication with a hosted TfsConnection instance using cookies.
Public class VssFederatedToken
Public class VssOAuthCredential
Public class VssOAuthToken Provides a token used for OAuth delegation based authentication
Public class VssOAuthTokenContainer A container to encapsulate an OAuth access token and an OAuth refresh token (or authorization code)

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ServiceBusExceptionType
Public enumeration VssOAuthTokenType The type of OAuth token.