This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Shell Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Shell namespace provides classes for the Domain-Specific Language Designer shell. The shell provides an interface to various functions and services through Visual Studio.

You can use the Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Shell namespace to customize the look of the designer or generated designer for your domain-specific language. For example, you might want to add new commands to menus or create new tabs that display information specific to your project.

Public classClassViewImagesRepresents an image list that Class View, Model Explorer, and IntelliSense uses.
Public classClassViewNavigationInfoRepresents information about each element that can appear in the diagram. Information about each element is displayed as a node in the Class View window.
Public classCommandContextBoundMenuCommandRepresents a menu command that is bound to a specific UI context.
Public classCommandContextChangedEventArgs
Public classCommandSetRepresents the commands that are available in the shortcut menu for the generated designer of a domain-specific language.
Public classCommonModelingCommandsDefines the command IDs of the shared commands in the Domain-Specific Language Designer.
Public classContainerBaseApplies styles to the base tool window and performs common operations, such as setting up borders and watermarks.
Public classDiagramDocViewRepresents a diagram view in the Domain-Specific Language Designer or generated designer.
Public classDiagramExporterExports diagrams from the Domain-Specific Language Designer as images.
Public classDialogBaseRepresents the base class for a dialog box that is hosted in the shell.
Public classDocDataWhen overridden in a derived class, represents a document in memory.
Public classDocumentSavedEventArgs
Public classDslModelExplorerFilter
Public classDynamicStatusMenuCommandReduces merge conflicts during server integrations when you invoke a menu command.
Public classErrorListObserver
Public classExplorerElementVisitorRepresents a visiting function, also known as an element visitor, which traverses the in-memory store (IMS) model and adds nodes to the navigation tree for Model Explorer.
Public classExplorerTreeNodeRepresents a node in the Model Explorer tree view.
Public classExportErrorEventArgsRepresents the arguments for the ExportErrorEventArgs class.
Public classFileCancelExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown if a problem occurs when a user cancels a save operation.
Public classLinkedTransactionManages the opening and closing of a globally linked transaction and any in-memory store (IMS) transactions that are in the linked transaction.
Public classModelElementLocator
Public classModelElementTreeNodeRepresents a node for an element in the navigation tree for Model Explorer.
Public classModelExplorerToolWindowRepresents the tool window, which hosts Model Explorer.
Public classModelExplorerTreeContainerRepresents Model Explorer, which contains a tree view in alphabetical order of all elements in a model.
Public classModelingDocDataRepresents a document in memory that is backed by an in-memory store (IMS).
Public classModelingDocStoreRepresents a model's in-memory elements and links.
Public classModelingDocViewRepresents a document window in the Domain-Specific Language Designer or generated designer.
Public classModelingEditorFactoryProvides support for the modeling editor factory, which enables the Visual Studio shell to obtain an editor for a specific file type. 
Public classModelingErrorListItem
Public classModelingErrorListProvider
Public classModelingPackageWhen overridden in a derived class, represents the VSPackage for the Domain-Specific Language Designer.
Public classModelingSchemaResolver
Public classModelingWindowPaneProvides selection service and selection event notification for both tool windows and document views.
Public classMonitorSelectionEventArgs Represents arguments for the monitor selection service.
Public classNavigateToModelExplorerTreeNodeCommand
Public classNavigateToShapesOnDiagramCommand
Public classPackageUtility
Public classProvideCommandLineSwitchAttributeProvides registry entries for a command-line switch.
Public classProvideRelatedFileAttribute
Public classRegisterAdditionalEditorExtensionAttribute
Public classRegisterAsDslToolsEditorAttribute
Public classRoleGroupTreeNodeRepresents the node that contains the child roles for a parent role in the navigation tree for Model Explorer.
Public classRoleTreeNode
Public classSerializationErrorListItem
Public classShellUtility
Public classSingleDiagramDocViewWhen overridden in a derived class, displays a single diagram in a document view.
Public classSubordinateDocData
Public classSubordinateDocumentLockHolder
Public classSubordinateFileHelper
Public classTaskMenuCommand
Public classTaskValidationMessage
Public classToolWindowWhen overridden by a derived class, represents a tool window in the generated designer for a domain-specific language.
Public classUndoManager
Public classUndoUnit
Public classUserActionEventArgs
Public classValidationMessageCommandIds
Public classValidationTask
Public classValidationTaskProvider
Public classVSDiagramViewRepresents the diagram view that Visual Studio hosts.
Public classVSDiagramViewSite
Public classVsValidationContext
Public classVsValidationController
Public classWaitCursor

Public structureClassViewNavigationInfoNodeRepresents an element that appears as a node in a tree view.
Public structureQueryEditResultManages the results when there is a request to modify the document, and encapsulates the results of a call to QueryEditFiles.
Public structureQuerySaveResultManages the results when there is a request to save the document, and encapsulates the results of a call to QuerySaveFiles.

Public interfaceIMonitorSelectionServiceMonitors the current selection state in the shell.

Public enumerationClassViewNavigationInfoTypesRepresents the types of nodes to which you can assign an element in the navigation tree.
Protected enumerationDiagramDocView.ToolboxItemFilterType
Public enumerationExportUserAction
Public enumerationIncludeResults
Public enumerationRelatedFileType