Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.NavigateTo.Interfaces Namespace

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The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.NavigateTo namespace contains the interfaces and classes for the Navigate To feature.

  Class Description
Public class DescriptionItem Represents a category/details pair for a single description item.
Public class DescriptionRun Represents a single description text run.
Public class NavigateToItem Represents a single symbol, and holds the information that is required to order symbols.
Public class NavigateToItemKind Specifies constants that represent the various kinds of symbols that are recognized by the sorting algorithm.
Public class PackageAttribute Added to INavigateToItemProviderFactory implementation to specify that package it depends on. The INavigateToItemProviderFactory will only be loaded if the specified package is loaded.

  Interface Description
Public interface INavigateToCallback Collects results and status updates from providers.
Public interface INavigateToCallback2 Collects results and status updates from providers. It is valid to call the methods in any order.
Public interface INavigateToItemDisplay Holds UI-appropriate display information for a symbol.
Public interface INavigateToItemDisplay2 Adds an optional preview behavior for INavigateToItemDisplay implementations.  Implementing INavigateToItemDisplay2 marks the display item as one that supports previewing.
Public interface INavigateToItemDisplayFactory Creates UI-appropriate display information for a symbol.
Public interface INavigateToItemProvider Finds symbols that match a search string, and passes them back to a callback.
Public interface INavigateToItemProviderFactory Represents the creation of new instances of INavigateToItemProvider.
Public interface INavigateToOptions Represents Navigate To options.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration IncompleteReason Standard reasons for incomplete results.
Public enumeration MatchKind Indicates how a symbol matches a search string.