StandardGlyphGroup Enumeration

Describes the different types of glyphs that can be displayed in the default completion tool implementation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense.dll)

public enum StandardGlyphGroup

Member nameDescription
GlyphGroupClassDescribes symbols for classes.
GlyphGroupConstantDescribes symbols for constants.
GlyphGroupDelegateDescribes symbols for delegates.
GlyphGroupEnumDescribes symbols for enumerations.
GlyphGroupEnumMemberDescribes symbols for enumeration members.
GlyphGroupEventDescribes symbols for events.
GlyphGroupExceptionDescribes symbols for exceptions.
GlyphGroupFieldDescribes symbols for fields.
GlyphGroupInterfaceDescribes symbols for interfaces.
GlyphGroupMacroDescribes symbols for macros.
GlyphGroupMapDescribes symbols for maps.
GlyphGroupMapItemDescribes symbols for map items.
GlyphGroupMethodDescribes symbols for methods.
GlyphGroupOverloadDescribes symbols for overloads.
GlyphGroupModuleDescribes symbols for modules.
GlyphGroupNamespaceDescribes symbols for namespaces.
GlyphGroupOperatorDescribes symbols for operators.
GlyphGroupPropertyDescribes symbols for properties.
GlyphGroupStructDescribes symbols for structures.
GlyphGroupTemplateDescribes symbols for templates.
GlyphGroupTypedefDescribes symbols for typedefs.
GlyphGroupTypeDescribes symbols for types.
GlyphGroupUnionDescribes symbols for unions.
GlyphGroupVariableDescribes symbols for variables.
GlyphGroupValueTypeDescribes symbols for value types.
GlyphGroupIntrinsicDescribes intrinsic symbols.
GlyphGroupJSharpMethodDescribes symbols for J# methods.
GlyphGroupJSharpFieldDescribes symbols for J# fields.
GlyphGroupJSharpClassDescribes symbols for J# classes.
GlyphGroupJSharpNamespaceDescribes symbols for J# namespaces.
GlyphGroupJSharpInterfaceDescribes symbols for J# interfaces.
GlyphGroupErrorDescribes symbols for errors.
GlyphBscFileDescribes symbols for BSC files.
GlyphAssemblyDescribes symbols for assemblies.
GlyphLibraryDescribes symbols for libraries.
GlyphVBProjectDescribes symbols for VB projects.
GlyphCoolProjectDescribes symbols for C# projects.
GlyphCppProjectDescribes symbols for C++ projects.
GlyphDialogIdDescribes symbols for dialog identifiers.
GlyphOpenFolderDescribes symbols for open folders.
GlyphClosedFolderDescribes symbols for closed folders.
GlyphArrowDescribes arrow symbols.
GlyphCSharpFileDescribes symbols for C# files.
GlyphCSharpExpansionDescribes symbols for C# expansions.
GlyphKeywordDescribes symbols for keywords.
GlyphInformationDescribes symbols for information.
GlyphReferenceDescribes symbols for references.
GlyphRecursionDescribes symbols for recursion.
GlyphXmlItemDescribes symbols for XML items.
GlyphJSharpProjectDescribes symbols for J# projects.
GlyphJSharpDocumentDescribes symbols for J# documents.
GlyphForwardTypeDescribes symbols for forwarded types.
GlyphCallersGraphDescribes symbols for callers graphs.
GlyphCallGraphDescribes symbols for call graphs.
GlyphWarningDescribes symbols for build warnings.
GlyphMaybeReferenceDescribes symbols for something that may be a reference.
GlyphMaybeCallerDescribes symbols for something that may be a caller.
GlyphMaybeCallDescribes symbols for something that may be a call.
GlyphExtensionMethodDescribes symbols for extension methods.
GlyphExtensionMethodInternalDescribes symbols for internal extension methods.
GlyphExtensionMethodFriendDescribes symbols for friend extension methods.
GlyphExtensionMethodProtectedDescribes symbols for protected extension methods.
GlyphExtensionMethodPrivateDescribes symbols for private extension methods.
GlyphExtensionMethodShortcutDescribes symbols for extension method shortcuts.
GlyphXmlAttributeDescribes symbols for XML attributes.
GlyphXmlChildDescribes symbols for child XML elements.
GlyphXmlDescendantDescribes symbols for descendant XML elements.
GlyphXmlNamespaceDescribes symbols for XML namespaces.
GlyphXmlAttributeQuestionDescribes symbols with a question mark for XML attributes.
GlyphXmlAttributeCheckDescribes symbols with a check mark for XML attributes.
GlyphXmlChildQuestionDescribes symbols with a question mark for XML child elements.
GlyphXmlChildCheckDescribes symbols with a check mark for XML child elements.
GlyphXmlDescendantQuestionDescribes symbols with a question mark for XML descendant elements.
GlyphXmlDescendantCheckDescribes symbols with a check mark for XML descendant elements.
GlyphGroupUnknownDescribes symbols for unknown types.

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