IQuickInfoBroker Interface


Defines a Quick Info broker.

Namespace:   Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense.dll)

public interface class IQuickInfoBroker

System_CAPS_pubmethodCreateQuickInfoSession(ITextView^, ITrackingPoint^, Boolean)

Creates but does not start a Quick Info session at the specified location in the ITextBuffer.


Gets the set of active Quick Info sessions for the ITextView in which this broker operates.


Determines whether there is at least one active Quick Info session in the specified ITextView.


Triggers Quick Info at the position of the caret in the specified ITextView.

System_CAPS_pubmethodTriggerQuickInfo(ITextView^, ITrackingPoint^, Boolean)

Triggers Quick Info at the specified position in the buffer, either tracking or not tracking the mouse.

The broker is responsible for triggering Quick Info sessions. It should be imported as follows:

internal IQuickInfoBroker QuickInfoBroker { get; set; }

For an example of the use of this interface, see Walkthrough: Displaying QuickInfo Tooltips.

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