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ICompletionSession Interface

Represents a statement completion session, which is a type of IntelliSense session.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense.dll)

public interface ICompletionSession : IIntellisenseSession, 

The ICompletionSession type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompletionSetsGets the collection of CompletionSet objects.
Public propertyIsDismissedDetermines whether the session is dismissed. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public propertyIsStartedDetermines whether the completion session has been started.
Public propertyPresenterGets the IIntellisensePresenter that is used to render IntelliSense for this session. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public propertyPropertiesGets the collection of properties controlled by the property owner. (Inherited from IPropertyOwner.)
Public propertySelectedCompletionSetGets or sets the selected CompletionSet.
Public propertyTextViewGets the ITextView in which this IntelliSense session was triggered. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)

Public methodCollapseReduces the session to a minimized state. If the session has no such state, the session will be dismissed. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public methodCommitCommits a completion session. The selected completion's insertion text is inserted into the buffer in the place of its applicability span.
Public methodDismissDismisses the session, causing the presenter to be destroyed and the session to be removed from the session stack. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public methodFilterFilters the session's completion items, based on the current state of the text buffer.
Public methodGetTriggerPoint(ITextBuffer)Gets the ITrackingPoint at which this IntelliSense session was triggered for the specified ITextBuffer. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public methodGetTriggerPoint(ITextSnapshot)Gets the SnapshotPoint at which this IntelliSense session was triggered in terms of the specified ITextSnapshot. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public methodMatchDetermines the best matching item in the session and sets the selection to this item. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public methodRecalculateRecalculates the underlying IntelliSense items pertaining to this session, using the same trigger point. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public methodStartStarts the session. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)

Public eventCommittedRaised after a completion session is committed.
Public eventDismissedOccurs when the session is dismissed. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public eventPresenterChangedOccurs when the IntelliSense presenter for this session changes. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public eventRecalculatedOccurs when the session is recalculated. (Inherited from IIntellisenseSession.)
Public eventSelectedCompletionSetChangedRaised when the SelectedCompletionSet property changes.

For an example of this interface, see Walkthrough: Displaying Statement Completion.

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