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ActivityEventCode Enumeration

Codes which indicate various types of activity in the trace logging service.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.IntelliTrace
Assembly:  Microsoft.IntelliTrace.12.0.0 (in Microsoft.IntelliTrace.12.0.0.dll)

public enum ActivityEventCode

Member nameDescription
AttemptToCopyLogFileFailedAttempt to copy the log file was unsuccessful.
AttemptToCreateLogFileFailedAttempt to create a new log file failed.
ErrorInSessionAn unexpected error occurred in the session.
ExpectedProcessTraitsAddedAn entry was successfully added to the process traits collection.
FatalErrorInServiceA fatal error was detected in the service. All loggers will be ended an the service will be stopped. Corresponding events will be sent for all those actions.
InjectedProcessStartedA process started which had the monitoring DLL injected into it
InjectedProcessValidationFailureThe requestLogger parameters do not match what has been reported by the OS, failing the request
LoggingServiceStartedThe trace logging service was started
LoggingServiceStoppedThe trace logging service was stopped
ProcessWasExpectedAn injected process was found in the expected process collection
ProcessWasNotExpectedAn injected process was not found in the expected process collection
ServiceStartErrorA logging service could not be started
SessionEndingA logging session is ending correctly
SessionFirstTruncationThe log file for a session is about to be truncated.
SessionOutOfLogSpaceThe logging session is out of disk space and unable to truncate the log file additionally.
SessionStartedA logging session was started
SessionStartErrorThe session was unable to start.
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