Microsoft.VisualStudio.GraphModel.Styles Namespace

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This namespace is part of the API for directed graphs.

For more information, see Edit and Customize Dependency Graphs.

  Class Description
Public class GraphCondition The Condition class represents a conditional expression for the set of Styles in the DGML.
Public class GraphConditionalStyle The Style class represents a DGML Style element used in conditional formatting.
Public class GraphConditionalStyleCollection Provides methods for manipulating a collection of Style objects.
Public class GraphConditionCollection This class provides methods for manipulating a collection of Condition objects.
Public class GraphErrorEventArgs A custom event args object that contains information about errors related to given graph object.
Public class GraphSetter A setter defines a UI property that can be set, and the value is either a primitive UI color, brush, stroke, or thickness, or it is a ColorSet.
Public class GraphSetterCollection This class provides methods for manipulating a collection of Setter objects.