This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.GraphModel.Styles Namespace

This namespace is part of the API for directed graphs.

For more information, see Edit and Customize Dependency Graphs.

Public classGraphConditionThe Condition class represents a conditional expression for the set of Styles in the DGML.
Public classGraphConditionalStyleThe Style class represents a DGML Style element used in conditional formatting.
Public classGraphConditionalStyleCollectionProvides methods for manipulating a collection of Style objects.
Public classGraphConditionCollectionThis class provides methods for manipulating a collection of Condition objects.
Public classGraphErrorEventArgsA custom event args object that contains information about errors related to given graph object.
Public classGraphSetterA setter defines a UI property that can be set, and the value is either a primitive UI color, brush, stroke, or thickness, or it is a ColorSet.
Public classGraphSetterCollectionThis class provides methods for manipulating a collection of Setter objects.