This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.GraphModel Namespace

This namespace provides the API to directed graphs.

For more information, see How to: Edit and Customize Graph Documents.

Public classGraphRepresents a directed graph, consisting of nodes and links.
Public classGraphCategoryGraph Categories are used to specify category information on a GraphObject, like nodes and links.
Public classGraphCategoryCollection
Public classGraphCommonSchemaClass which defines a set of commonly used GraphProperty objects
Public classGraphDataObjectThis class provides IDataObject support for exchanging DGML data via the clipboard and drag/drop.
Public classGraphException
Public classGraphLinkRepresents a link in the directed graph
Public classGraphLinkCollectionInstances of this class manage a collection of Links. Ordering is not preserved.
Public classGraphLinksUpdatedEventArgs
Public classGraphMetadataThis class is used to provide more information about a GraphProperty, including localized strings and flags for controlling how the property appears in a Property Grid window.
Public classGraphNodeRepresents a node in the directed graph
Public classGraphNodeCollectionThis class provides methods for manipulating a collection of Nodes. This class does not preserve the order in which you added the nodes, so when you enumerate them you will get them back in a random order.
Public classGraphNodeId
Public classGraphNodeIdCollection
Public classGraphNodeIdConverter
Public classGraphNodeIdName
Public classGraphNodesUpdatedEventArgs
Public classGraphObjectThis class makes an object extensible by adding a strongly typed property bag of name/value pairs.
Public classGraphPathSerializationDictionary
Public classGraphPathSerializer
Public classGraphPropertyGraph Properties are used to annotate a GraphObject, like nodes and links.
Public classGraphPropertyCollection
Public classGraphSchema
Public classGraphSerializationErrorEventArgs
Public classGraphSerializerGraphSerializer is used to serialize Graph objects.
Public classGraphTransactionCanceledException
Public classGraphUpdatedEventArgsProvides changes to a graph object

Public enumerationGraphErrorLevel
Public enumerationGraphGroupStyleSpecifies the display state of an element.
Public enumerationGraphMetadataOptions
Public enumerationGraphSearchDirection
Public enumerationGraphSearchOption