This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager Namespace

Although this API supports the Extension Manager infrastructure, we recommend that you do not use it because it is subject to change.

Public classAlreadyInstalledExceptionException thrown when the extension to be installed is already present on the system.
Public classBreaksExistingExtensionsExceptionException thrown when a conflict is found between the extension to install and an existing extension.
Public classDownloadCompletedEventArgs
Public classDownloadProgressChangedEventArgsAlthough this API supports the Extension Manager infrastructure, we recommend that you do not use it because it is subject to change.
Public classExecuteCompletedEventArgsArguments consumed by the ExecuteCompleted() event.
Public classExtensionManagerExceptionGeneric exception for working with extension managers and extension manager repositories.
Public classGuidsGUIDs used to query the extension manager service and the extension repository.
Public classIdentifierConflictExceptionException thrown when the extension to be installed has the same ID as an existing extension.
Public classInstallByMsiExceptionException thrown when an extension must be installed by a Windows Installer (.msi) file.
Public classInstallCompletedEventArgsEvent arguments consumed by the InstallCompleted event.
Public classInstallProgressChangedEventArgsEvent arguments consumed by the InstallProgressChanged event.
Public classInvalidExtensionManifestExceptionException thrown when a VSIX manifest is invalid.
Public classInvalidExtensionPackageExceptionException thrown when a VSIX package is invalid.
Public classInvalidPerMachineOperationException
Public classMissingPackagePartExceptionException thrown at installation when an expected part of a VSIX package is missing.
Public classMissingReferencesExceptionThrown when references that are required by the extension are not available on the system.
Public classMissingTargetFrameworkExceptionException thrown when the .NET Framework version that is required by the extension is not available on the system.
Public classNestedExtensionInstallExceptionException thrown when a nested extension fails to install.
Public classNotInstalledExceptionException thrown when an operation is attempted on an extension that is not installed.
Public classNotPendingDeletionExceptionException thrown by the RevertUninstall method when the extension to be uninstalled is still installed or has already been deleted from the system.
Public classPathConflictExceptionException thrown when another extension is already installed on the target installation path, as defined by the VSIX manifest.
Public classProxyCredentialsRequiredExceptionException thrown from the IVsExtensionRepository method when a web service call requires proxy authentication.
Public classRequiresAdminRightsException
Public classSystemComponentExceptionThrown when an attempt is made to install an extension that is a system component.
Public classVSEditionList of supported editions of Visual Studio that may be targeted by an extension.

Public interfaceIExtensionContains the metadata from a VSIX manifest.
Public interfaceIExtensionContentRepresents all of the metadata that is contained in the Content element of a VSIX manifest.
Public interfaceIExtensionHeaderRepresents all of the metadata that is contained in the Identifier element of a VSIX manifest.
Public interfaceIExtensionReferenceRepresents the metadata that is contained in a Reference element in the References element of a VSIX manifest.
Public interfaceIInstallableExtensionContains path and signature information for a VSIX package. The information may be used for installing an extension.
Public interfaceIInstalledExtensionProvides access to the root Install directory of an installed extension.
Public interfaceIRepositoryCategoryRepresents a category of available extensions.
Public interfaceIRepositoryEntryInterface for extensions to be downloaded from an IVsExtensionRepository.
Public interfaceIRepositoryMetadataSerializer
Public interfaceIVsExtensionManagerUsed to search for extensions to install and to manage installed extensions.
Public interfaceIVsExtensionManagerDialogProvider
Public interfaceIVsExtensionRepositoryUsed to communicate with an online repository of extensions
Public interfaceIVsExtensionRepositoryQuery<T>Used to populate the list of available extensions in an extension manager.
Public interfaceSVsExtensionManagerUsed when GetService calls are made to access specific extension manager versions and implementations.
Public interfaceSVsExtensionRepositoryUsed in GetService calls to access specific Extension Manager repository service versions and implementations.

Public enumerationEnabledStateThe enabled status of the current extension.
Public enumerationExtensionDigitalSignatureStateSpecifies whether an extension has a valid certificate and a valid signature.
Public enumerationInstallStateContains values to indicate whether an extension is installed or uninstalled.
Public enumerationRestartReasonList of reasons for which the Extension Manager may require a restart.