Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensibilityHosting Namespace

  Class Description
Public class DefaultScopeCreator Creates scopes from a catalog based on exports in catalog which have scope definition metadata.Scoping policy description: 1. Find exports with scope definition contract and parent scope contract name and scope contract name metadata. 2. Create scopes containing parts dependent on the scope contract (transitive). 3. Parent those scopes to the scope defined by the parent scope contract name. 4. Remove any parts in child scopes from parent scopes.
Public class ScopeDefinitionAttribute Export attribute for definining scope definitions in VS MEF catalog.
Public class VsCatalogNameAttribute The attribute is to be placed on an assembly to associate it with one or more Component Model catalogs.
Public class VsCatalogProvider Provides access to named MEF catalogs. The catalogs are referred by name that usually follows the namespace naming convention, for example "Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextEditor". The catalogs are automatically cached. In the case of any error related to cache files management the class falls back to no-cache mode. The class is thread safe.
Public class VsComponentModelHostBase The class represents a Component Model Host that abstracts details of different Component Model hosting environments.
Public class VsCompositionContainer
Public class VsExportProviderService
Public class VsExportProviderSettings
Public class VsExportProvisionOuterScope
Public class VsExportProvisionScope
Public class VsExportProvisionScopeFactory This factory produces scope identifiers for

  Interface Description
Public interface ICompositionScopeCreator Creates a scoped representation of a given catalog.
Public interface IScopeDefinition Metadata interface for scope definitions.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate ProvisionFaultHandler