This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor Namespace

Public classDefGuidListDefines the GUIDs used to co-create different editor objects.
Public classFontsAndColorsCategoryRepresents a fonts and colors category.

Public interfaceIVsEditorAdaptersFactoryServiceProvides helper methods to switch between interfaces for the earlier Visual Studio editor (for example, IVsTextView) and the equivalent interfaces for the current Visual Studio editor (for example, ITextView). IVsEditorAdaptersFactoryService also has methods to create adapters for IVsTextBuffer, IVsTextView, and IVsCodeWindow. These adapters provide an implementation of earlier interfaces that is based on the current interfaces (ITextBuffer and ITextView). You can use one of these adapters wherever an earlier type is required.
Public interfaceIVsFontsAndColorsInformationRepresents color information for a language service.
Public interfaceIVsFontsAndColorsInformationServiceProvides font and color information for language services and FontsAndColorsCategory objects.
Public interfaceIVsTextViewCreationListenerA listener to the event raised when a text view adapter (IVsTextView) is created and initialized.
Public interfaceIVsVisibleTextMarkerTagThese tags are generated from the visible legacy markers created using CreateLineMarker and CreateStreamMarker.