Microsoft.VisualStudio.Designer.Interfaces Namespace

  Interface Description
Public interface IVSMDCodeDomCreator Creates a CodeDom provider for a given hierarchy and item ID.
Public interface IVSMDCodeDomProvider Provides access to a CodeDomProvider object.
Public interface IVSMDDesigner Represents a managed form designer.
Public interface IVSMDDesignerLoader Provide a Visual Studio-specific way to initialize a designer loader.
Public interface IVSMDDesignerService Provides VS shell support for managed form designers.
Public interface IVSMDPerPropertyBrowsing Allows native COM objects to specify managed attributes on values. It can be used to expose the richer functionality of managed objects as COM objects.
Public interface IVSMDPropertyBrowser Provides access to the designer properties window service.
Public interface IVSMDPropertyGrid Defines a small property browser that can be hosted in dialog boxes or other windows.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration _PROPERTYGRIDOPTION Represents the types of property grid options.
Public enumeration _PROPERTYGRIDSORT Defines the sort order of the property grid.