Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Refactoring Namespace
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Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Refactoring Namespace

Visual Studio 2008

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Refactoring namespace provides the classes to enable you to create your own refactoring types and contributors.

For more information, see Create Custom Database Refactoring Types or Targets and Scenario: Support New Targets for Database Refactoring.

Public classApplyChangesEventArgsThis class provides information to PreApply and PostApply methods so that RefactoringContributors and RefactorOperations can perform actions.
Public classChangeProposalThe ChangeProposal class represents the changes returned from the contributors.
Public classContributorInputThe ContributorInput class represents the data input to each of the contributors.
Public classFileChangeThe [FileChange] class represents the changes for one file.
Public classPreviewWindowInfoThis class contains all preview data for a RefactorOperation.
Public classRefactoringCommandThis class is the extensibility point for provide commands and for handle commands for refactoring types.
Public classRefactoringContributorThis class is the base class from which all refactoring contributors derive.
Public classRefactoringContributor<TContributorInput>Takes a ContributorInput, suggests change proposals, and creates additional ContributorInputs for processing.
Public classRefactoringErrorRepresents an error that occurred during a refactoring operation.
Public classRefactoringFileNodeCommandBase command class for all refactoring commands on file nodes in Solution Explorer.
Public classRefactoringOperationThe RefactorOperation manages the whole life cycle of the refactoring operation.
Public classRefactoringPreviewGroupCaptures the check box setting, friendly name, and other information for a refactoring preview group.
Public classRefactoringProjectNodeCommandBase command class for all refactoring commands on database project nodes in Solution Explorer.
Public classRefactoringSchemaViewNodeCommandBase command class for all refactoring commands on nodes in Schema View.
Public classTextChangeProposalThis class represents the changes returned from the contributors.

Public enumerationPreviewWarningLevelThis enumeration indicates the warning level of the warning messages that will appear in the refactoring preview window.
Public enumerationQueryStatusResultFlags that indicate the status of the result.
Public enumerationRefactoringErrorCategoryThe RefactoringErrorCategory determines where the error message will be shown, such as in a Preview Changes dialog box or an event log.
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