We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Package.UI Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

This namespace contains classes and interfaces that are used to interact with aspects of the user interface for the DataPackage

Public classDatabaseConnectionAddedOrRemovedEventArgsProvides notification that a connection was added or removed.
Public classDatabaseConnectionControlRepresents the database connection control.
Public classDataPackageThe package for a database project.
Public classDataPackage.ServicesThis class contains all the service accessor properties.
Public classDataSchemaErrorTask
Public classDataSchemaErrorTaskServiceThis class represents a package-level database agnostic service to manage all errors that are displayed in the error list. Any other feature or component may instantiate its own objects to manage the errors to be displayed in the Visual Studio ErrorList window.
Public classSharedStatusBarThis status bar wraps the Visual Studio status bar and makes sure that only one database feature-specific activity is represented at one time.
Public classSharedStatusBarOwnerThis represents the owner or proposed owner for a status bar. This class is used to coordinate ownership of the Visual Studio status bar between the database projects.

Public interfaceISharedStatusBarThis is the database feature-specific wrapper for the Visual Studio status bar. You can take ownership of the status bar. If you successfully take ownership, you can change it. If you do not have ownership, your calls will be ignored.