Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Package.Project.SchemaModelViewer.SchemaView Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

This namespace contains classes and methods that support the Database Schema View.

Public classDatabaseSchemaViewAddItemDialogContextIf the Add Item dialog box is launched from the Database Schema View, this object provides data for that event.
Public classDatabaseSchemaViewControllerBaseAbstract base class for Schema View controllers.
Public classDatabaseSchemaViewElementNodeRepresents a node for a model element in Schema View.
Public classDatabaseSchemaViewFolderNodeImplements support for folder nodes in Schema View.
Public classDatabaseSchemaViewNodeAbstract base implementation for Schema View node classes.
Public classDatabaseSchemaViewNodeExtenderDerives from this abstract base class to create property extenders for nodes in Schema View.
Public classDatabaseSchemaViewRootNodeRepresents the root node of the Schema View hierarchy.

Public interfaceIDatabaseSchemaViewThis interface represents the database Schema View in Visual Studio.
Public interfaceIDatabaseSchemaViewControllerUsers who create database schema providers use this extension to add their content to the Schema View.
Public interfaceIDatabaseSchemaViewExtenderContributorEnables project features to add properties to Schema View nodes that appear in the Visual Studio property browser.

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