Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Package.Project.SchemaModelViewer Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

This namespace contains classes and interfaces that support Schema View and the Dependency Viewer.

Public classSchemaHierarchyBaseAbstract base class for schema hierarchy generators.
Public classSchemaHierarchyUtilitiesThis class defines useful utilities for use a Schema View hierarchy is created.
Public classSchemaModelViewerControllerBaseAbstract base class for model visualizer controllers.
Public classSchemaModelViewerControllerBaseInternalThe abstract base class for a Schema View Controller used by internal implementors.
Public classSchemaModelViewerInitializedEventArgsProvides data for Schema View initialization events.
Public classSchemaModelViewerServiceThis service is available from the DataPackage instance and provides a convenient way to access the tool windows for the database project.
Public classSchemaModelViewerShownEventArgsProvides data for the DatabaseSchemaViewToolWindowShown and DependencyViewToolWindowShown events.

Public interfaceISchemaHierarchyGeneratorThis interface is implemented by classes that can populate a tree view (such as the Database Schema View) with nodes.
Public interfaceISchemaHierarchyPopulatorInterface for classes that generate schema hierarchy nodes. This interface is used by the generators.
Public interfaceISchemaModelViewerRepresents an abstract model viewer such as Schema View or Dependency Viewer.
Public interfaceISchemaModelViewerControllerSchema View controller interface.
Public interfaceISchemaModelViewerElementNodeRepresents a model element in the Database Schema View.
Public interfaceISchemaModelViewerFolderNodeThis interface represents a folder that contains element types or other folders.
Public interfaceISchemaModelViewerNodeThis is the base interface for all nodes in Schema View.
Public interfaceISchemaModelViewerRootNodeThis interface is used for the root node. The root node usually represents the database project.

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