Microsoft.VisualStudio.ArchitectureTools.Extensibility.Layer Namespace

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The classes in this namespace allow you to read and update layer models. ILayerModel represents the model root, ILayer is a layer node, and IDependencyLink instances link the layers. Each ILayer is represented on a diagram by a IShape.

For more information, see the following topics:

Updating Layer Models by using the API

Creating and Using Layer Models as a User

Programming UML Models

  Class Description
Public class ArtifactReferenceExtensions Layer Designer extension methods
Public class CreateArtifactReferenceCompletedEventArgs Callback argument for artifact reference creation.
Public class Extensions Layer Designer extension methods
Public class LayerDesignerExtensionAttribute Apply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on layer diagrams.
Public class PropertyExtension<TTargetElementType> Abstract base class for Property Extensions.
Public class ValidationExtensions Extension methods for validation.

  Interface Description
Public interface ILayer Layer element
Public interface ILayerArtifactReference Artifact reference
Public interface ILayerComment Comment element. A comment can be contained in a layer model or in a layer, and can also be linked to any number of layers.
Public interface ILayerCommentLink Link from a comment to an element.
Public interface ILayerContainer An object that can contain a layer, such as a layer model or layer.
Public interface ILayerDependencyLink Link from a layer to another layer that it depends on.
Public interface ILayerElement The base for all elements in a layer diagram.
Public interface ILayerLink The base for all links in a layer model.
Public interface ILayerModel Root layer model
Public interface IPropertyExtension Layer extension to show custom properties in the property grid
Public interface IValidateArchitectureExtension Export and implement this interface to define a custom layer validation scheme, invoked by the Validate Architecture command.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration GraphErrorLevel Level of error to used in error generation
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