Microsoft.VisualStudio.ArchitectureTools.Extensibility.Layer Namespace

The classes in this namespace allow you to read and update layer models. ILayerModel represents the model root, ILayer is a layer node, and IDependencyLink instances link the layers. Each ILayer is represented on a diagram by a IShape.

For more information, see the following topics:

Updating Layer Models by using the API

Creating and Using Layer Models as a User

Programming UML Models

Public classArtifactReferenceExtensionsLayer Designer extension methods
Public classCreateArtifactReferenceCompletedEventArgsCallback argument for artifact reference creation.
Public classExtensionsLayer Designer extension methods
Public classLayerDesignerExtensionAttributeApply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on layer diagrams.
Public classPropertyExtension<TTargetElementType>Abstract base class for Property Extensions.
Public classValidationExtensionsExtension methods for validation.

Public interfaceILayerLayer element
Public interfaceILayerArtifactReferenceArtifact reference
Public interfaceILayerCommentComment element. A comment can be contained in a layer model or in a layer, and can also be linked to any number of layers.
Public interfaceILayerCommentLinkLink from a comment to an element.
Public interfaceILayerContainerAn object that can contain a layer, such as a layer model or layer.
Public interfaceILayerDependencyLinkLink from a layer to another layer that it depends on.
Public interfaceILayerElementThe base for all elements in a layer diagram.
Public interfaceILayerLinkThe base for all links in a layer model.
Public interfaceILayerModelRoot layer model
Public interfaceIPropertyExtensionLayer extension to show custom properties in the property grid
Public interfaceIValidateArchitectureExtensionExport and implement this interface to define a custom layer validation scheme, invoked by the Validate Architecture command.

Public enumerationGraphErrorLevel