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Microsoft.VisualStudio Namespace

  Class Description
Public class ErrorHandler Provides methods for dealing with common COM error codes.
Public class VSColorTable Provides colors that are used for Visual Studio display elements.
Public class VSConstants Use this class to access common Visual Studio constants.
Public class VSConstants.AppPackageDebugTargets Contains command ids for an app package debug target command set.
Public class VSConstants.CATID These CATID GUID values are used to extend objects passed to the property browser and automation objects that support automation extenders.
Public class VSConstants.CLSID A set of CLSIDs used in Visual Studio.
Public class VSConstants.CMDSETID Represents the GUIDs of standard Visual Studio command sets.
Public class VSConstants.CodeModelLanguage Set of code model languages.
Public class VSConstants.ComponentSelectorPageGuid Provides GUIDs for the Component Selector pages.
Public class VSConstants.DebugEnginesGuids Provides GUIDs for the debug engine.
Public class VSConstants.DebugPortSupplierGuids Contains debug port supplier GUIDs for the VsDebugTargetInfo structures and the IVsDebugRemoteDiscoveryUI interface.
Public class VSConstants.DebugTargetHandler Contains command ids for a debug target handler command set.
Public class VSConstants.EditPropyCategoryGuid Represents editor property categories to use with the IVsTextEditorPropertyCategoryContainer interface.
Public class VSConstants.ItemTypeGuid These values are used with the VSHPROPID_ItemType property.
Public class VSConstants.LOGVIEWID Represents the GUIDs of Visual Studio views.
Public class VSConstants.NewDocumentStateReason Contains well known reasons used for SetNewDocumentState.
Public class VSConstants.OutputWindowPaneGuid Provides the GUIDs of the panes of the output window.
Public class VSConstants.ProjectTargets Represents known project platforms.
Public class VSConstants.ReferenceManagerHandler Represents command IDs for the context menu.
Public class VSConstants.SetupDrivers Known project retargeting setup drivers for installing missing components.
Public class VSConstants.StandardToolWindows Contains GUIDs for standard tool windows.
Public class VSConstants.ToolboxMultitargetingFields Represents toolbox multitargeting fields.
Public class VSConstants.UICONTEXT Provides the GUIDs for different command contexts.
Public class VSConstants.VsDependencyTypeGuid Provides GUIDs for different project dependencies.
Public class VSConstants.VsEditorFactoryGuid Provides GUIDs for different editor factories.
Public class VSConstants.VsLanguageServiceGuid Provides GUIDs for language services.
Public class VSConstants.VsLanguageUserDataGuid These are optional IVsUserData properties that a language service can provide in order to influence the behavior of the text editor. You can get the IVsUserData interface by doing QueryInterface on the IVsLanguageInfo object of the language service implementation.
Public class VSConstants.VsPackageGuid Provides the GUIDs for different packages.
Public class VSConstants.VsTaskListView Represents the GUIDs of built-in task list views.
Public class VSConstants.VsTextBufferUserDataGuid These are IVsUserData properties that are supported by the text buffer (DocData) object of the editor. You can get the IVsUserData interface by casting or (calling QueryInterface) on the IVsTextLines object of the Text Editor.
Public class VSConstants.WellKnownOldVersionValues Values that can be used to specify OldVersion (LowerBound/UpperBound) for ProvideBindingRedirectionAttribute.
Public class VSConstants.WellKnownToolboxStringMaps Represents common toolbox strings.
Public class VSConstants.WizardType Set of wizard types.
Public class Win32Methods Imports some Win32 window management functions.

  Interface Description
Public interface IEventHandler Provides the methods necessary to add, remove, and test for the existence of handlers in an event handler collection.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration COWAIT_FLAGS An enumeration of flags used by the infrastructure.
Public enumeration VSConstants.AppCommandCmdID Identifies commands fired as the result of a WM_APPCOMMAND message received by the main window.
Public enumeration VSConstants.CEF Represents flags to be used with the are used with CreateEditorInstance method.
Public enumeration VSConstants.MessageBoxResult Specifies result codes from ShowMessageBox.
Public enumeration VSConstants.SelectionElement Represents flags used in the OnElementValueChanged event handler.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSITEMID Special items inside a VsHierarchy.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VsSearchNavigationKeys Specifies the Visual Studio search navigation keys.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VsSearchTaskStatus Specifies friendly names for search task statuses.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSSELELEMID Constants used in IVsSelectionEvents to indicate a new selection state. The selections may be propagated through OnElementValueChanged.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSStd11CmdID Set of the standard, shared commands in StandardCommandSet11_guid
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSStd12CmdID The set standard, shared commands in CMDSETID.StandardCommandSet12_guid.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSStd2010CmdID Set of the standard, shared commands in CMDSETID.StandardCommandSet2010_guid
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSStd2KCmdID These constants make some basic menu commands available to managed code.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID These constants make some basic menu commands available to managed code.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VsUIAccelModifiers Specifies UI accelerator and modifier keys.
Public enumeration VSConstants.VsUIHierarchyWindowCmdIds An enumeration of commands that apply to events unique to the IVsUIHierarchyWindow.
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