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Microsoft.VisualC Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualC namespace contains classes that support compilation and code generation using the C++ language.

  Class Description
Public class DebugInfoInPDBAttribute Obsolete. An attribute applied to native classes that tells the debugger to look up field information in the pdb rather than in metadata.
Public class DecoratedNameAttribute Obsolete. An attribute used by the compiler to pass the decorated name of a method to the linker.
Public class IsConstModifier Infrastructure. Obsolete. Is const modifier.
Public class IsCXXReferenceModifier Infrastructure. Obsolete. Is C++ reference modifier.
Public class IsLongModifier Infrastructure. Obsolete. Is long modifier.
Public class IsSignedModifier Infrastructure. Obsolete. Is signed modifier.
Public class IsVolatileModifier Infrastructure. Obsolete. Is volatile modifier.
Public class MiscellaneousBitsAttribute Obsolete. An attribute that stores miscellaneous information about a type in metadata.
Public class NeedsCopyConstructorModifier Obsolete. A custom modifier applied to parameters that tells the CLR marshaler to call the parameter's copy constructor when marshaling the parameter.
Public class NoSignSpecifiedModifier Infrastructure. Obsolete. No sign specified modifier.
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