This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualBasic.Activities Namespace

Contains classes that provide Visual Basic expressions that can be bound to In and Out arguments, and Visual Basic expression settings.

Public classVisualBasicProvides an attached property store for VisualBasicSettings.
Public classVisualBasicDesignerHelperInfrastructure. Creates and compiles VisualBasicReference<TResult> and VisualBasicValue<TResult> expressions.
Public classVisualBasicImportReferenceRepresents an assembly reference and the namespace imported from that assembly.
Public classVisualBasicReference<TResult>Contains an expression in Visual Basic syntax that evaluates to an l-value, which supports binding of the Out arguments.
Public classVisualBasicSettingsContains settings that VisualBasicValue<TResult> and VisualBasicReference<TResult> instances use to compile the source text of the expressions they contain.
Public classVisualBasicValue<TResult>Contains an expression in Visual Basic syntax that evaluates to an r-value, which supports binding of In arguments.