IUpdateApproval Interface
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IUpdateApproval Interface

Use this interface to get information about an approval and to remove the approval. To get this interface, call the following methods: Approve; Approve; GetUpdateApproval; Item.

Namespace: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration
Assembly: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration (in Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.dll)

public interface IUpdateApproval
public interface IUpdateApproval
public interface IUpdateApproval

The following Visual Basic subroutine iterates through all the IUpdateApproval objects in an UpdateApprovalCollection and writes out the deadline, if any.

Sub GetApprovals(ByVal Approvals As UpdateApprovalCollection)
    For Each Approval As IUpdateApproval In Approvals
       If (Approval.Action = UpdateApprovalAction.Install Or Approval.Action = UpdateApprovalAction.Uninstall) Then
          'is there a deadline?
          If (Approval.Deadline <> DateTime.MaxValue) Then
          End If
       End If
End Sub

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