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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client Namespace

Public classAllowedValuesCollection
Public classAttachmentAttachment Linking Class.
Public classAttachmentCollection
Public classBatchReadParameter
Public classBatchReadParameterCollectionA collection of BatchReadParameter objects, each specifying a work item ID and an optional revision.
Public classBatchSaveErrorClass that communicates results of a save for a single WorkItem.
Public classBatchSaveFailedExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classBatchSaveRetryFailedExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classCancelableAsyncResultAccessor for CancelableAsyncResult. Can be used to access the state of the asynchronous operation or cancel the result.
Public classCannotChangePageSizeExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classClientException
Public classConnectionExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classCoreFieldReferenceNamesThis class holds the reference names for all CoreFields.
Public classDeniedOrNotExistExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classDisplayFieldListClass that represents the fields selected in a query.
Public classDuplicateBatchReadParameterExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classDuplicateWorkItemExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classExternalLinkThis class stores external links. An ExternalLink is a link to other tools.
Public classFieldThis sealed class is used to hold field/value pairs for work items.
Public classFieldCollectionManages a collection of WorkItem Field objects.
Public classFieldDefinitionThis class is used to hold Field definitions.
Public classFieldDefinitionCollectionThis sealed class is used to hold Field definitions.
Public classFieldDefinitionNotExistExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classFieldFilterThis class represents a single field/value pair that can be used in a list of field/value pairs used to model properties on a FieldDefinition object.
Public classFieldFilterListList of Field/value pairs used as filters when calling AllowedValues.
Public classFileAttachmentExceptionInfrastructure. Base class for file attachment exceptions.
Public classHyperlinkThis class stores hyperlinks. A hyperlink link type is a URL, UNC, or URI.
Public classImportEventArgsArguments for import events.
Public classImportStructureExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classImportWorkitemTypeExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classInternalDatastoreExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classInternalFieldsStatic class that defines all internal field CoreFieldReferenceNames. Internal fields are used by the WorkItemTracking system and cannot be used or modified by the user.
Public classInvalidFieldValueExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classInvalidProjectExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classInvalidQueryTextExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classInvalidTreeNodeExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classItemAlreadyUpdatedOnServerExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classLinkThis abstract class is the base class for all other links that include Hyperlink, RelatedLink, and ExternalLink.
Public classLinkCollectionA collection of outgoing links for the current WorkItem.
Public classMetadataEventArgsProvides data for the MetadataChanged event.
Public classNodeThis read-only class encapsulates nodes used for classifying work items by Area and Iteration.
Public classNodeCollectionThis class holds a collection of Node objects.
Public classPageSizeRangeExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classProjectThis is a read-only class that inherits from the Node.
Public classProjectCollectionThis class holds a collection of all the work item projects on the Team Foundation Server.
Public classQueryThis class encapsulates a Query against the work item store. Queries are scoped to a WorkItemStore and are described in the Work Item Query Language.
Public classReadOnlyFieldExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classRegisteredLinkTypeStores a registered link type.
Public classRegisteredLinkTypeCollectionA collection of RegisteredLinkType objects.
Public classRelatedLinkThis class stores related links. A RelatedLink links two WorkItem objects in the same store.
Public classRequestCancelledByUserExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classRequestNotCancelableExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classRevisionThis class stores WorkItem revisions.
Public classRevisionCollectionA collection of history items for a WorkItem.
Public classSchemasClass to store the schema type for a WorkItem.
Public classServerClass from which to make server calls.
Public classServerRejectedChangesExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classSortFieldThis field can be used to sort the list returned by a query.
Public classSortFieldListThis class represents the fields that can be used to sort a query.
Public classStoredQueriesChangedEventArgsThis class handles events raised when a change occurs to a StoredQuery.
Public classStoredQueryThe StoredQuery class provides server-side WIQL query persistence.
Public classStoredQueryCollectionQueries can be persisted on the Team Foundation Server using the StoredQueryCollection class.
Public classUnexpectedErrorExceptionThe class for reporting unusual error conditions.
Public classValidationExceptionUsed for data validation exceptions and returns the default value this.LogException = false. Derived from ClientException.
Public classWorkItemThis class encapsulates a work item instance.
Public classWorkItemAsyncEventArgsA class to handle WorkItem asynchronous change events to the state of a query.
Public classWorkItemChangeRejectedExceptionInfrastructure.
Public classWorkItemCollectionThis class encapsulates a collection of WorkItems.
Public classWorkItemEventArgs
Public classWorkItemStoreEncapsulates the data store that contains all work items on a particular Team Foundation server. Each work item store is scoped at the server level.
Public classWorkItemStoreDiagnosticsThis class contains a set of methods to return diagnostic information about the WorkItemStore.
Public classWorkItemTypeThis is a sealed class that represents a WorkItemType.
Public classWorkItemTypeCollectionThis collection class is designed to hold WorkItemTypes.

Public delegateImportEventHandlerEvent handler for import events.
Public delegateMetadataChangeEventHandlerEvent handler for the MetadataChanged event. These events are raised when the client has detected metadata changes on the server and finished refreshing its local cache.
Public delegateStoredQueriesEventHandlerThis event handler listens to changes to StoredQuery objects.
Public delegateWorkItemAsyncEventHandlerThis event handler listens to asynchronous changes to the state of a query.
Public delegateWorkItemFieldChangeEventHandlerThis event handler listens to field change events. These events are raised when changes are made to the WorkItem.

Public enumerationBaseLinkTypeEnumeration of the various link types.
Public enumerationCancelableActionState
Public enumerationCoreFieldEnumerates common work item CoreField objects.
Public enumerationFieldStatusEnumerates the status of a Field. The status depends upon the validity of the field's value.
Public enumerationFieldTypeEnumerates all field definition types.
Public enumerationImportSeverityThis enumeration reports the severity of an import problem.
Public enumerationImportStructureException.TypeInfrastructure.
Public enumerationImportWorkitemTypeException.TypeInfrastructure.
Public enumerationMetadataChangeTypesAll possible metadata change types.
Public enumerationNode.TreeTypeInfrastructure.
Public enumerationPageSizesEnumeration of page sizes that are supported for queries and batch reads.
Public enumerationQueryScopeEnumeration to set the scope of a query.
Public enumerationSchemaTypeEnumerates the supported schemas in WorkItemTracking.
Public enumerationSortTypeThis enumeration declares the sort order for the sorted list.
Public enumerationStoredQueriesActionThis enumeration reports the type of action taken on a stored query.
Public enumerationStringDataLengthsMaximum lengths for string values that can be saved to the database.
Public enumerationUserDisplayModeInfrastructure.