Dimension Class

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse.dll)

public class Dimension : ContainerItem

The Dimension type exposes the following members.

Public methodDimension

Public propertyAttributeHierarchyEnabledDefault
Public propertyCompressKeyFieldWhether page compression should be applied to the key field. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyCompressSurrogateKeyFieldWhether page compression should be applied to the surrogate key field. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyDimensionUses (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyFields (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyFriendlyNameThe Friendly Name. (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public propertyGenerateAnalysisSchemaWhether to generate / update analysis database schema based on this metadata. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyGenerateETLShould this item be included in the auto-generated ETL for the relational warehouse? If it is not included a stored procedure will not be generated to populate this item. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyGenerateWarehouseSchemaWhether to generate warehouse schema based on this metadata. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyHandleDuplicateKeysWhether the logic for adding entries to the database should expect entries with duplicate keys and handle them in some appropriate way. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyIncludeUpdatesInIncrementalCubeProcessingWhether to mark this object as updated for incremental cube processing when an existing row is updated, *other* than to set its initial values if it was originally inserted as an early-arriving entry. Setting this false means that added rows will still propagate to the cube, but updates (except updates to early-arriving entries) will not propagate until the next Full cube process. This is tactically useful when this object, or objects that depend on it, are large enough that we want to avoid Analysis Services ProcessUpdate / ProcessFull which query all rows from the warehouse. Note: We do not support this attribute that has dimensions that reference area / iteration and use area/iteration forwarding, because it wasn't needed and to be conservative in Ask mode. Currently the only such dimension is DimWorkItem, which is not in metadata but may be in the future.
Public propertyKeyField (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyKeyFieldName (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyLevels
Public propertyName (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public propertyNameFieldNameName of field that contains main display name for entity, such as for building paths. Currently required only if PathFieldName is set.
Public propertyNamingTemplateOptional naming template to use for this dimension in the cube. This is only useful for hierarchies. Format: {Level 0};{Level 1};...
Public propertyOrderByField
Public propertyParentField
Public propertyParentFieldNameName of field that contains business / op store key of parent entity. Currently, this value does not have to be persisted in the dimension, but is used to pass the parent key to the sproc, in order to set the parent surrogate key.
Public propertyParentIdFriendlyName
Public propertyParentSurrogateKeyFieldName
Public propertyPathFieldNameOptional name of field that should be set to the hierarchical path of the entity, by concatenating name values.
Public propertyPerformUpdateChecksWhether to perform an equality check on all fields before deciding to update them. Uses the database collation when it compares string fields, which uses case-insensitive for TFS. Therefore, will usually *not* propagate case changes. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyPerformUpdateChecksCaseSensitiveWhether to perform an equality check on all fields before deciding to update them, and use case-sensitive checks on string fields so case changes are propagated. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertyStringStoresCompatibilityLevelIndicates the desired Compatability level for use in Cube. We flush smart defaults by way of the Web UI, but users can persist this setting over other Dimensions.
Public propertySurrogateKeyAdjustTimeZone
Public propertySurrogateKeyField (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertySurrogateKeyFieldNameName of field that stores warehouse-specific ("surrogate") key. Defaults to "__ID" for backward compatibility, although in new metadata we expect it to always be set explicitly. (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public propertySurrogateKeyFieldTypeDatabase type of surrogate key, uses INT by default.
Public propertyTranslation (Inherited from NamedItem.)

Public methodAddField (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
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Public methodIsWellFormed (Overrides ContainerItem.IsWellFormed().)
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Public methodShouldSerializeDimensionUses (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public methodShouldSerializeFields (Inherited from ContainerItem.)
Public methodShouldSerializeLevels
Public methodShouldSerializeTranslation (Inherited from NamedItem.)
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