DataTypeItem Class

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse.dll)

public abstract class DataTypeItem : NamedItem

The DataTypeItem type exposes the following members.

Protected methodDataTypeItem

Public propertyAdjustTimeZoneWhether to apply UTCToWarehouseTime conversions to the field.
Public propertyAggregationFunction
Public propertyAttributeHierarchyEnabled
Public propertyDisplayFolderNameThe name of the Display Folder for this item in the Cube. Null or Empty String indicates no folder. Currently Display Folders are not translated.
Public propertyFormatString
Public propertyFriendlyNameThe Friendly Name. (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public propertyGenerateETLShould this field be included in the auto-generated ETL for the relational warehouse? If it is not included it will not be in the autogenerated stored procedures. Any fields included in the stored procedures must be assigned a value when the stored procedure is called otherwise the row will will be updated to have NULL for that value.
Public propertyIncludeInRelationalInterfaceInclude this field in the autogenerated Relational Interface (that is Fact Views). Default Value: True
Public propertyInstanceSelection
Public propertyIsNumericReturns whether the field is "logically numeric". Currently person fields are stored by using integer SK fields, but this property does not consider them numeric. This property *does* currently consider the SurrogateKey field to be numeric, although some users of the property may want to ignore it.
Public propertyIsPersonDenotes whether the field is a person field type.
Public propertyIsStringReturns whether the field is a database string type.
Public propertyLength
Public propertyName (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public propertyPersistentFields such as parent keys can be non-persistent to enable passing them to sprocs for lookup purposes without actually persisting them. Defaults to true.
Public propertyRelationalOnly
Public propertySourceFieldThe source of data for this field. This is used for Fact Fields - a fact field will give you a measure in measure group in the cube. This will be the source column in the DSV for this field.
Public propertySqlDbTypeConverts the string attribute Type to a SqlDbType. FUTURE: Change Type to be a SqlDbType.
Public propertyTranslation (Inherited from NamedItem.)
Public propertyType
Public propertyVisible

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