Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Warehouse Namespace

Public classAnalysisDatabaseSyncJobExtension
Public classAnalysisServicesComponentUtility methods to acquire connections to TFS SSAS entities.
Public classCalculatedMember
Public classCloneableItem
Public classContainerItem
Public classDataTypeItem
Public classDimension
Public classDimensionReference
Public classDimensionUse
Public classFact
Public classFactReference
Public classField
Public classHostedWarehouseJobGroup<T>Warehouse jobs grouped by the owner (or host), currently we have two types of hosts: Collection and Instance.
Public classHostedWarehouseJobGroupStatusContains current rollup run-time status for the set of jobs running agains one host: All jobs defined to run against given collection or an Instance Contains rollup ProcessingStatus, and sums of JobsRunning and JobsQueued jobs. The host considered "Idle" if JobsRunning + JobsQueued == 0
Public classItemCollection<T>A named item collection. Item names must be unique (compared with case insensitive comparer) throughout the collection.
Public classLevel
Public classMeasure
Public classNamedItem
Public classTranslation
Public classView
Public classWarehouseAdapterA Warehouse adapter When running as a TFS Job this adapter will by synchronized with other Warehouse jobs.
Public classWarehouseConfig
Public classWarehouseContextThe warehouse context.
Public classWarehouseControlRequestHeaderContains "global" input parameters for the WarehouseControl Web Methods.
Public classWarehouseDataAccessComponent
Public classWarehouseException
Public classWarehouseInvalidStateException
Public classWarehouseJobBaseWarehouseJobBase: Immutable job's properties identifying the TeamFoundationJobDefinition: Name and JobId
Public classWarehouseJobExecutionDetailsContains current run-time state of the given job: LastRun - result of the previous run (if available), this information is composed from the Job History table CurrentRun - current status, if the job is currently active (JobsRunning or JobsQueued) NextRun - information about the next time that the job is scheduled to run, if the job is not currently running, but as an active schedule
Public classWarehouseJobExtension
Public classWarehouseJobPropertiesContains mutable/settable job pproperties: RunInterval - can be changed via ControllerService.ChangeSetting method EnabledState - can be changed via ControllerService.SetWarehouseJobEnabledState() and ControllerService.SetAnalysisJobEnabledState() methods
Public classWarehouseJobRunInfoContains information pertaining to an instance of a job run.
Public classWarehousePermissions
Public classWarehouseProcessingJobPropertiesContains both mutable (settable) and immutable properties of all warehouse jobs defined on the system. if verbose=true passed to the ctor, it contains not only job friendly name, but also the jos unique identifiers (Guid), and also the host (instance or collection) name and Guid.
Public classWarehouseProcessingStatusDetailsContains current rollup run-time status for all warehouse jobs defined on the system Contains rollup ProcessingStatus, and sums of JobsRunning and JobsQueued jobs. The warehouse considered "Idle" if JobsRunning + JobsQueued == 0
Public classWarehouseSecurity
Public classWarehouseSetting
Public classWarehouseSettings
Public classWarehouseSyncJobExtension<TWarehouseAdapter>Warehouse Job for a warehouse extension (adapter). This manages initializing the warehouse extension and calling the warehouse extension methods (that is MakeSchemaChanges and MakeDataChanges). It will synchronize these calls with all other registered warehouse extensions. There are potentially three threads running in this code. Each thread can only execute a limited number of methods. Thread 1: Main thread - from Job Agent thread pool. Executes RunInternal. Controls when other threads are active. Thread 2: Schema Lock Time thread - started in MakeSchemaChanges and only calls CheckSchemaLockQueue. Requires valid adapter instance. Thread 3: Request Context Cancel thread - from Request Context cancellation "notification" Only calls Cancel - only possibly active between calls to EnterCancelableRegion and ExitCancelableRegion. During Cancel TeamFoundationRequestContext locks Enter/ExitCancelableRegion calls (internal list tracking cancelable objects is locked). Locking is here to handle the case when the Timer thread is trying to execute methods on the adapter after it has been disposed by the main thread.

Public enumerationAnalysisDatabaseProcessingType
Public enumerationCancelReasonThe reason for a stop request being "issued" to an adapter.
Public enumerationDataChangesResultResult of making data changes.
Public enumerationOnlineStatus
Public enumerationProcessingStatusState of the Warehouse Process, used for individual jobs state and also for the rollup state of the whole warehouse process.
Public enumerationWarehouseTableUpdateStatus