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Conflict Class


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server.dll)

public class Conflict : ICacheable

The Conflict type exposes the following members.

Public methodConflict

Public propertyBaseChangeTypeEx
Public propertyBaseChangeTypeOld
Public propertyBaseDeletionId
Public propertyBaseDownloadUrlReturns the download URL fragment of the base file to download.
Public propertyBaseEncodingBaseEncoding
Public propertyBaseHashValueNot in mergeop. Is this necessary?
Public propertyBaseItemIdSourceItemId
Public propertyBaseItemTypeItemType
Public propertyBasePropertyId
Public propertyBaseServerItemBaseServerItem
Public propertyBaseVersionBaseVersion
Public propertyConflictId
Public propertyConflictOptionsA bitmap of conflict options for the client.
Public propertyIsForcedIsForced not used for non-Merge conflicts.
Public propertyIsNamespaceConflictNamespace conflict information.
Public propertyIsResolvedWhen set to true, the conflict is marked as resolved. This has no effect other than recording it. It is used by the client to mark conflicts as resolved so that it is easy for code holding a reference to a conflict to determine whether it is resolved.
Public propertyIsShelvesetConflict
Public propertyPendingChangeIdNot used for merges. Could be used for merge namespace conflicts or optionally set depending on conflict reason.
Public propertyReason
Public propertyResolution
Public propertySourceLocalItemTargetLocalItem
Public propertyTargetLocalItem
Public propertyTheirChangeTypeIs the change type of their version.
Public propertyTheirDeletionIdSourceDeletionId
Public propertyTheirDownloadUrlReturns the download URL fragment of the their file to download.
Public propertyTheirEncodingSourceEncoding
Public propertyTheirHashValueSourceHashValue
Public propertyTheirItemIdSourceItemId
Public propertyTheirItemTypeItemType
Public propertyTheirLastMergedVersionSourceLastMergedVersion Not calculated for non-MergeConflicts.
Public propertyTheirPropertyId
Public propertyTheirServerItemSourceServerItem
Public propertyTheirShelvesetName
Public propertyTheirShelvesetOwnerName
Public propertyTheirVersionSourceVersion
Public propertyTheirVersionFromIs the version from of the source item of the conflict This is the next version from the base version.
Public propertyType
Public propertyYourChangeTypeEx
Public propertyYourChangeTypeOld
Public propertyYourDeletionIdTargetDeletionId
Public propertyYourDownloadUrlReturns the download URL fragment of your file to download. Only specified if the client does not have the version of the file he is supposed to have. Null otherwise.
Public propertyYourEncodingTargetEncoding
Public propertyYourItemIdTargetItemId
Public propertyYourItemType
Public propertyYourLastMergedVersionTargetLastMergedVersion
Public propertyYourLocalChangeTypeEx
Public propertyYourLocalChangeTypeOld
Public propertyYourPropertyId
Public propertyYourServerItemTargetServerItem
Public propertyYourServerItemSourceTargetServerItemSource
Public propertyYourVersionVersionPended

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