This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Server Namespace

Public classAcceptMergeNamespaceConflictRequiresDestinationException
Public classAcceptMergeVersionConflictRequiresDestinationExceptionThrown when the server cannot determine the target location of an accept merge operation for the user and they did not specify one.
Public classAcceptYoursRenameTheirsRequiresDestinationExceptionThrown when the user tried to resolve a namespace conflict with AcceptYoursRenameTheirs without a destination.
Public classAccessEntryPublically facing description of an ACL entry (permission).
Public classAdmin
Public classAdminRepositoryInfo
Public classAnnotationThe Annotation class represents name/value pairs and couples that with optional resourceID, and versioning values. Annotations are used to store application defined name/value pairs -- that is, the application applies the semantic to the values. This class is created for each name/value pair that is read from the database.
Public classArtifactIdentifierRequiredExceptionThis exception is thrown when an artifact url is requested and the artifactMoniker parameter is either missing or empty.
Public classArtifactProviderBase class for ArtifactProviders
Public classAuthorizationException
Public classAutoMergeDisallowedExceptionThrown when an auto-merge is tried on a conflict for which auto-merge is not permitted
Public classBadChecksumExceptionThrown when a file checksum does not match
Public classBaseItemSet<T>Class representing the results of a QueryItem operation
Public classBaseLocalVersionUpdateBase class for local version update.
Public classBranchObjectRepresents a first class branch object on the server.
Public classBranchObjectOwnershipA summary class used to return branch root information from the server
Public classBranchPropertiesContainer class for all the updateable properties of a branch object
Public classBranchRelativeClass representing one row from QueryBranches.
Public classBranchSourceNotCommittedExceptionThrown when a client tries to branch from an item that hasn't been committed at least one time. that is undelete | add | branch.
Public classCannotBranchDestroyedContentExceptionThe user cannot branch a file that has been destroyed with /keephistory.
Public classCannotChangeRootFolderExceptionWhen the client attempts to pend any kind of change against the root item this exception is thrown.
Public classCannotChangeWorkspaceOwnerException
Public classCannotCheckinAllWithEditExceptionThis exception is thrown when a user calls checkin all, and has edits in their workspace
Public classCannotCheckinDependantRenameExceptionCannot checkin rename to item {0} without checking in item {1}
Public classCannotCheckinPartialUndeleteException
Public classCannotCheckinRenameAsPendingAddConflictsException
Public classCannotCheckinRenameDueToChildConflictExceptionThrown when the checkin of a rename fails because one of its children has an existing conflict.
Public classCannotCreateFilesInRootException
Public classCannotCreateParentFolderException
Public classCannotDeleteTeamProjectFolderException
Public classCannotDestroyRootExceptionThis exception is thrown when the user tries to destroy $/.
Public classCannotFindLatestChangesetException
Public classCannotLockExceptionThrown when a user attempts to lock an item for checkout and the item is already checked out.
Public classCannotMergeDestroyedFileExceptionThe user cannot merge/unshelve a file that was completely destroyed.
Public classCannotMergeUnderSourceException
Public classCannotMergeWithExistingConflictException
Public classCannotMergeWithWorkspaceSpecAndPendingDeleteExceptionThis is thrown by Merge when there is a pending delete underneath the source of the merge.
Public classCannotMoveToRootException
Public classCannotPendChangeOnDestroyedFileExceptionThe user cannot pend an edit on a file that has been destroyed with /keephistory.
Public classCannotPendEditOnDeletedFileWithGetLatestExceptionThe user cannot pend an edit on an item when GetLatest is on and the tip version has been deleted.
Public classCannotPendEditOnRenamedFileWithGetLatestExceptionThe user cannot pend an edit on an item when GetLatest is on and the tip version has been renamed to a different server path than the workspace version's server path.
Public classCannotRenameBackToOriginalSourceExceptionThrown if an item is renamed away from itself, and then back to itself.
Public classCannotRenameDueToChildConflictExceptionThrown when a rename fails because one of its children has an existing conflict.
Public classCannotResolveAcceptMergeWithNonexistentVersionExceptionThrown when a conflict with a sync back to a version where the path does not exist, is tried to be resolved as accept merge.
Public classCannotResolveBecauseShelvesetDeletedExceptionThrown when a shelveset conflict is being resolved as automerge or taketheirs and the shelveset has been deleted.
Public classCannotResolveConflictAsAutoMerge
Public classCannotResolveDeletedItemWithAcceptMergeExceptionThrown when Resolve notices a get conflict that wants to set the undelete bit on. This cannot be done because of undeletes all or nothing behavior.
Public classCannotResolveDueToRenameAndDeleteThrown when a shelveset conflict is being resolved as automerge or acceptYoursRenameTheirs and the rename will affect and item that has a pending delete.
Public classCannotResolveToPartialUndeleteExceptionThrown when Resolve notices a get conflict that wants to set the undelete bit on. This cannot be done because of undeletes all or nothing behavior.
Public classCannotSetMappingOnRenameException
Public classCannotShelvePartialUndeleteExceptionThis exception is thrown when the user tries to shelve an implicit undelete, but not the root of the DeletionId.
Public classCannotSpecifyNewNameExceptionThrown when the user attempts to specify a new name but it is not allowed.
Public classCannotTakeCheckoutLockInLocalWorkspaceExceptionThrown when a caller attempts to take a checkout lock in a local workspace
Public classCannotUndeleteTeamProjectFolderException
Public classCannotUndoItemExistingLockConflictsExceptionThrown in an interesting case when there is an additive namespace operation being undone and another user holds a lock on the resulting path.
Public classCannotUndoRenameDueToChildConflictExceptionThrown when the undo of a rename fails because one of its children has an existing conflict.
Public classCannotUnlockExceptionThrown when the user attempts to unlock an item that does not allow for multiple checkout.
Public classChangeThis represents and individual change to an item.
Public classChangeAlreadyPendingException
Public classChangeRequestObject representing a request from the client to pend changes to an item or item wildcard characters
Public classChangesetRepresents a changeset as returned by the QueryHistory command
Public classChangesetArtifactProvider
Public classChangesetAuthorMustBeNonGroupException
Public classChangesetMergeRepresents a merge of one changeset into another
Public classChangesetMergeDetails
Public classChangesetNotFoundException
Public classChangesetSummaryContains the information needed for a single changeset / item involved in a merge
Public classChangesetVersionSpecSpecifies a version based on a changeset number
Public classCheckinNoteA checkin note class is used to hold the data that represents an instance of a checkin note.
Public classCheckinNoteFieldDefinitionA field definition is used to define how a given named input is treated when it is applied to a given checkin note. These are not versioned and can change over time, which allows the definition and the data to become out of sync with each other. The definition is used at the time the checkin note is generated
Public classCheckinNoteFieldValueThe CheckinNoteFieldValue is an instance of a field that has its value in a single checkin note instance. A checkin note uses a series of field values to represent its data.
Public classCheckinNotification
Public classCheckinNotificationInfoInformation for the checkin notification service.
Public classCheckinNotificationWorkItemInfoThe information for each work item associated with the checkin.
Public classCheckinResultThis represents the result of a call to the checkin method
Public classCheckoutLockRequiredExceptionThrown when a try is made to get a checkin lock when multiple checkout is disabled.
Public classCheckoutLocksDisabledExceptionThrown when a caller attempts to take a checkout lock and checkout locks are disabled.
Public classCodeChurnCompletedNotification
Public classConflict
Public classConflictInformation
Public classContentNotUploadedExceptionThrown on shelve or checkin when we find that content was not fully uploaded.
Public classContentRequiredException
Public classCouldNotAddProxyException
Public classCouldNotDeleteProxyException
Public classCreateBranchObjectException
Public classDateVersionSpecSpecifies a version based on a date/time stamp
Public classDateVersionSpecBeforeBeginningOfRepositoryExceptionThrown from prc_FindChangesetByDate and prc_iParseVersionSpec when a date is passed in thats before the start of the repository.
Public classDestroyedContentUnavailableExceptionThis exception is thrown from the DownloadHandler if the FileId was the destroyed item FileId.
Public classDeterminedItem
Public classDownloadHandler
Public classDuplicateChangeException
Public classDuplicateCheckinNoteFieldExceptionThrown when the user attempts to specify the same checkin note field more than one time e.g. 'h checkin file.txt /notes:"reviewer=me";"reviewer=you"
Public classDuplicateExtensionExceptionThis extension is fired when an extension is associated with more than one filetype. Extensions must only appear one time in the complete set of extensions during a call to SetFileTypes.
Public classDuplicateFileTypeExceptionThis is thrown when the client attempts to update the set of filetypes and supplies the same filetype more than one time in the set of filetypes passed to the SetFileTypes call.
Public classDuplicateItemFoundExceptionThrown when the same item is specified more than one time at different versions.
Public classDuplicateItemsInCheckInRequestExceptionThis exception is thrown when items are repeated in a check-in. this can occur in single checkin request or when you perform paged checkins when the a given item is present in more than one checkin page request.
Public classDuplicateServerItemException
Public classDuplicateWorkingFolderException
Public classEmptyCheckInExceptionThis exception is thrown when checkin xml argument passed to prc_Checkin is empty.
Public classExistingParentFileException
Public classExpandedChangeInternal class that represents a single change to be pended. Each ChangeRequest produces 0 or more of these. Most of the relevant fields are in the change request, to which is reference is stored here. This class contains fields specific to each file. We used to create copies of the ChangeRequest for each file, but creating ExpandedChanges is cheaper because not all fields are copied.
Public classExtendedItem
Public classExtendedMergeClass representing a merge of an item.
Public classFailureThe Failure object contains much of the same information as an exception but is not derived from Exception and is now throwable. Commands that operate on a collection of items, each of which may succeed or fail independently of the others will return an array of Failure objects representing the items that had trouble. The Failure object also contains fields that describe the context in which the error occurred. A smart client may use these to decide about how to handle the error. Irrelevant information remains null and will not be sent as part of the SOAP reply.
Public classFeatureNotSupportedException
Public classFileIdNotFoundExceptionThrown by download when a bad file ID is passed.
Public classFileTypeThis class is used to configure per-file name extension settings in the version control system.
Public classFolderContentException
Public classFolderEditExceptionThis exception is thrown when the user explicitly names a folder for checkout, or specifies a wildcard that matches a folder name.
Public classFutureDateExceptionThis is thrown if the user specifies a date that is later than the current date.
Public classGenericExceptionUsed by the data tier to send a custom error message back to the client
Public classGetLatestOnCheckoutDisabledException
Public classGetOperationAn entry in the "to do" list that Get returns to the client. Each instance of this class represents an item that needs something done on the client.
Public classGetRequestObject passed by the client to request a "Get" operation
Public classGlobalSecurityDescribes the global security settings. This structure is only used to return security information to the client. It is not used internally.
Public classIdentityDeletedException
Public classIdentityNotFoundException
Public classIllegalCommentException
Public classIllegalComputerNameException
Public classIllegalFieldNameExceptionThrown when a release note field exceeds its maximum length
Public classIllegalIdentityException
Public classIllegalLabelNameExceptionThrown when a label call is passed a label name that is too long or contains unauthorized characters
Public classIllegalPolicyNameExceptionThrown when a policy name exceeds its maximum length
Public classIllegalServerItemException
Public classIllegalShelvesetException
Public classIllegalShelvesetOwnerException
Public classIllegalUrlExceptionThrown when a URL that contains unauthorized characters or too long is encountered.
Public classIllegalVersionException
Public classIllegalWorkspaceException
Public classIncompatibleChangeExceptionYou have tried to pend a change to an item that already has changes pending which are incompatible with your new change.
Public classIncompatibleCompressionFormatExceptionThrown when a compressed file is not in a supported compression format.
Public classIncompletePendingChangeExceptionThrown when the client tries to check in a change that was unshelved or merged but never acknowledged using UpdateLocalVersion.
Public classIncompleteUploadExceptionThrown when the client uploads the last chunk of a file, but some of the previous chunks are not there. It is also thrown when the uploaded content is not fully received, because of slow network connection, for example.
Public classInconsistentRequestTypesExceptionRepository.PendChanges requires that all ChangeRequests have identical RequestTypes. This exception is thrown when this is not the case.
Public classIncorrectSizeExceptionThrown when a file length does not match
Public classInheritanceChangeRepresents a change to an item's inheritance flag
Public classIntegrationInterfaceEncapsulate BIS interfaces: - BisDomain: Property from which the operational Bis domain is retrieved - BisGetArtifacts: Biz-logic for BIS-defined GetArtifacts() webmethod - BulkFilter: Biz-logic for version control plugin used by BIS for security filtering
Public classInvalidAcceptYoursExceptionThrown when the user tried to resolve a namespace conflict with AcceptYours which is not allowed.
Public classInvalidAcceptYoursRenameTheirsExceptionThrown when the user tried to resolve a non-namespace conflict with AcceptYoursRenameTheirs which is not allowed.
Public classInvalidBranchCheckinOptionExceptionThis exception is thrown when a user calls checkin all, and has edits in their workspace
Public classInvalidCheckinDateExceptionThrown when unshelve fails due to a parental delete
Public classInvalidCheckinTicketException
Public classInvalidConflictIdExceptionThrown when the client tries to resolve an invalid ConflictId.
Public classInvalidExtensionExceptionExtensions must be a maximum of 260 characters and may not contain any of the NT file path invalid characters. If these conditions are not met this exception is thrown.
Public classInvalidFileIdException
Public classInvalidIdentityException
Public classInvalidProjectPendingChangeException
Public classInvalidResolutionExceptionThis exception is thrown when a conflict can only be resolved as AcceptServer.
Public classInvalidSqlDateExceptionThrown when a date is specified which is too early for Microsoft SQL Server to handle
Public classInvalidVersionSpecExceptionThis exception is thrown when a versionspec string could not be parsed successfully.
Public classInvalidVersionSpecForOperationException
Public classItemRepresents an item as returned by the QueryItems command.
Public classItemCloakedException
Public classItemDeletedExceptionWhen a client attempts to release a lock on an item, but does not have a lock this exception is thrown.
Public classItemExistsException
Public classItemIdentifierClass used to represent a given item at a given version.
Public classItemLockedExceptionThrown when a user attempts to lock an item that is already locked.
Public classItemMergeRepresents the records returned by prc_QueryMerges.
Public classItemNotCheckedOutException
Public classItemNotFoundException
Public classItemNotMappedException
Public classItemRequiredException
Public classItemSecurityDescribes the security settings for an item. This structure is only used to return security information to the client. It is not used internally.
Public classItemSet
Public classItemSpecRepresents a selector for versioned items
Public classLabelArtifactProvider
Public classLabelDuplicateItemExceptionThrown when the user specified the same item more than one time during creating / updating a label
Public classLabelExistsExceptionThrown when the user attempts to create a label that already exists. Will only appear if the label is created between the time the mid-tier does its query and prc_CreateItem is called.
Public classLabelHasChildrenExceptionThis is thrown when a call to VersionControlLabel.LabelItem encounters child labels and "delete" or "merge" is not specified.
Public classLabelItemSpecThe LabelItemSpec is used to define an item that is being labeled. This is the server path, version, recursion type and include/exclude.
Public classLabelNotFoundExceptionThrown if a named label is not found in the scope specified by serverItem.
Public classLabelNotification
Public classLabelNotUniqueExceptionThrown when the user attempts to delete or update a label that does not uniquely match a single label. Requests that they specify the label scope.
Public classLabelOwnerChangeExceptionThrown if an owner change to an existing label is tried.
Public classLabelPendingAddException
Public classLabelResultReturned from LabelItem and UnlabelItem to indicate which labels were operated on and what was done to them.
Public classLabelVersionSpecSpecifies a version based on a label.
Public classLatestItemVersionArtifactProvider
Public classLatestVersionDeletedExceptionThis is thrown when the latest version of the item specified is deleted and this is not valid for the situation.
Public classLatestVersionSpecSpecifies the latest version. No real parameters
Public classLocalItemExclusionSet
Public classLocalItemOutOfDateException
Public classLocalItemRequiredException
Public classLocalPathTooLongExceptionThrown when a namespace operation (rename, undelete, branch, merge) would cause a local path that is too long.
Public classLocalPendingChange
Public classLocalVersionContains the local version information about an item in a user's workspace.
Public classLocalVersionNotFoundException
Public classLocalVersionUpdateClass representing a single UpdateLocalVersion request. Allows UpdateLocalVersion() to take an array of requests.
Public classLocalWorkspaceRequiredExceptionThrown when an action is performed on a local workspace that is not permitted for a local workspace
Public classLongPathInWorkspaceRequires2012QU1Exception
Public classMapping
Public classMappingExceptionBase class for exceptions that occur translating local to server paths and vice-versa
Public classMaxRowsEvaluatedExceptionThrown when a stored procedure evaluates more than n rows specified by the system administrator.
Public classMergeCandidateRepresents a changeset that must be merged.
Public classMergeConflictExistsExceptionGenerated when prc_CheckPendingChanges, or prc_CheckIn notices that the user is trying to checkin in a pending change that has an unresolved merge conflict.
Public classMergeDoNotHaveTargetLocallyExceptionThrown by Merge if user does not have the target of the merge.
Public classMergeEditDeleteExceptionThrown when the user sends a request that attempts to return more items than are enabled by the administrator-defined limit.
Public classMergeSourceRepresents a source item and version range of a merge (or rename)
Public classMergeTargetCloakedExceptionThrown by Merge if the target of the merge is cloaked.
Public classMergeTargetFileSourceDirectoryExceptionThrown from PendMerge when the source of a MergeOperation is a directory, but the target is a file.
Public classMergeTargetNotMappedExceptionThrown by Merge if the target of the merge is not mapped.
Public classMergeTargetPathAlreadyHasPendingMergeExceptionThrown when the client tries to pend a merge to a path that already has a pending merge.
Public classMergeTargetPathHasIncompatiblePendingChangeExceptionThrown when the client tries to pend a merge on an item that has a non (Edit|Encoding) change pended.
Public classMergeTargetPathHasNamespacePendingChangeConflictExceptionThrown when the client tries to pend a merge to a path that has a non-matching ItemId pending change already.
Public classMissingParentIsRenameOrUndeleteExceptionThrown from prc_CheckIn when a missing parent is a pended rename or undelete.
Public classMustUndeleteParentExceptionThis exception is thrown when the client attempts to pend and Undelete operation against an item when one of the items parents was deleted in the operation. We require that the root item be undeleted. Sub items of a delete cannot be undeleted.
Public classNoChangesToShelveExceptionThrown when the user does not specify any changes to shelve
Public classNoLockExistsExceptionWhen a client attempts to release a lock on an item, but does not have a lock this exception is thrown.
Public classNoMergeRelationshipExceptionThrown by QueryMergeCandidates when the user requests to see what items have to be merged from X to Y and there is no previous merge relationship. If we did not throw this, the command would list every changeset from the source side.
Public classNotAllowedOnFolderException
Public classNotPermittedForLocalWorkspaceExceptionThrown when an action is performed on a local workspace that is not permitted for a local workspace
Public classNotWorkspaceOwnerExceptionThis exception is thrown when a user attempts to perform an operation on another users workspace that can only be performed by the owner of the workspace.
Public classOwnerRequiredExceptionThrown when the client tries to query against a workspace name but all owners.
Public classPartialRenameConflictExceptionThrown by Checkin or Undo if the commit or undo of one item would cause a collision with another pending change that is being left alone.
Public classPathRestrictionThe security filtering returns a PathRestriction instance when a user does not have permissions to the complete set of items. The items member contains the subset of items to which the user does have permissions.
Public classPendChangesNotification
Public classPendingChangeObject representing an item that has changes pending.
Public classPendingChangeChangedExceptionUsed when the list of pending changes during an operation e.g. between Prepare and pend unshelve
Public classPendingChangeContentNotFoundException
Public classPendingChangeMergeConflictExistsExceptionGenerated from PendEdit, Delete, or Rename when the user is trying to modify a pending change that has an unresolved merge conflict.
Public classPendingChildExceptionThrown when the user attempts to pend a delete against a folder who has a descendant with a pending change.
Public classPendingDeleteConflictChangeExceptionThrown when the user attempts to pend a delete on and item that has a conflicting change
Public classPendingLocalVersionMismatchExceptionThrown when the local version of an item differs from the version on which a user has a change pended.
Public classPendingParentDeleteExceptionThrown when the user attempts to pend a change against an item whose parent has a pending delete.
Public classPendingSetObject representing a series of pending changes grouped into a set. For instance each workspace contains a pending set.
Public classPendingState
Public classPermissionChangeRepresents a change to an item's permissions.
Public classPluginHasMultipleInterfacesExceptionIf a plug-in contains multiple ISubscriber interfaces, this exception is thrown.
Public classPolicyFailureInfoThe PolicyFailureInfo is the information that is used to describe a policy failure that was overriden during a checkin. There may be one or more with any given changeset.
Public classPolicyOverrideInfoThe PolicyOverrideInfo is associated with a changeset. It describes a set of failures that occurred for policies associated with the checkin.
Public classProxyInfoRepresents information about a TFS proxy server
Public classProxyStatisticsWebService
Public classReconcileResult
Public classRenameWorkingFolderExceptionThis exception is thrown when a serverItem is renamed but the workspace the rename is being made in has this serverItem mapped as a workingFolder
Public classRepository
Public classRepository4
Public classRepository5
Public classRepositoryExtensionsThe RepositoryExtensions class is divided into several partial classes where groups of WebMethods are implemented. This keeps all methods from being listed in a single file and is much more maintainable.
Public classRepositoryPathTooLongDetailedException
Public classRepositoryPathTooLongDueToDeletedItemsException
Public classRepositoryPathTooLongExceptionThrown when a namespace operation (rename, undelete, branch, merge) would create a repository path that is too long.
Public classRepositoryPropertiesDescribes the global properties of this repository.
Public classReservedAnnotationExceptionThis excpetion is thrown when the caller attempts to access a reserved annotation. These cannot be accessed by the client through the public API.
Public classResourceAccessException
Public classRollbackInvalidOptionException
Public classRollbackInvalidVersionSpecExceptionThrown in when the caller passes in a label or workspace spec as the end range of the rollback.
Public classRootInheritanceExceptionThrown when the user attempts to change the inherit flag of $/
Public classSecurityChangeBase class for security change requests
Public classSecurityConfigurationException
Public classSecurityException
Public classServerExceptionBase class for all server-generated exceptions
Public classServerItemExceptionBase class for all exceptions that take a single server item as an argument. This is 90% of them, BTW
Public classServerItemLocalVersionUpdateClass representing a single UpdateLocalVersion request. Allows UpdateLocalVersion() to take an array of requests.
Public classServerItemRequiredException
Public classServerSettings
Public classShelvedChangeNotFoundExceptionThrown when the user attempts to unshelve an item that has no shelving changed.
Public classShelvedItemArtifactProvider
Public classShelveMergeConflictExistsExceptionThrown when the user tries to shelve an item that has an unresolved merge conflict.
Public classShelvesetThe Shelveset represents the metadata for a set of shelved changes.
Public classShelvesetArtifactProvider
Public classShelvesetExistsExceptionThrown when the given a shelveset matching the given name and owner already is in the database.
Public classShelvesetNotFoundExceptionThrown when the given a shelveset matching the given name and owner cannot be found in the database.
Public classShelvesetNotification
Public classShelvingPartialRenameConflictExceptionThrown by prc_Shelve if the shelving is prevented by a dependent rename problem.
Public classTargetCloakedExceptionThrown when the user attempts to rename an item into a cloaked or unmapped area and they have a pending edit.
Public classTargetHasPendingChangeExceptionWhen a client attempts to rename, branch or add an item over top of one that currently has a pending change
Public classTargetIsChildExceptionThrown if an item is renamed or branched to a child of itself
Public classTeamFoundationVersionControlServiceThe Version Control settings
Public classTeamProjectCannotDeleteException
Public classTeamProjectFolderOptionsThis class is used to describe the initial configuration of a newly created team project. This allows the creator to control the initial access, checkin notes, whether exclusive checkout is enforced or not and whether get latest on checkout is enforced.
Public classTeamProjectFolderPermissionThis is used to set up the initial permissions when you are creating a team project. Each permission supplied is a set of allow and denies for an identity.
Public classTeamProjectNotEmptyExceptionThrown when a team project is not empty and a ResetCheckinDate is attemped
Public classTeamProjectNotFoundException
Public classTrackMergesExceededMaxBranchesLimitExceptionThis exception is thrown if prc_TrackMerges exceeds SQL max recursion
Public classUndeleteAboveUnrelatedItemExceptionThrown by prc_PendUndelete when it is called by resolve when an ItemId unrelated to an undelete item has a namespace conflict with a pended change.
Public classUndeleteNewNameNotSupportedExceptionThe undelete /newname command is no longer supported
Public classUndoPendingChangesNotification
Public classUnshelvingPartialRenameExceptionThrown by prc_Unshelve if the unshelving is prevented by a dependent rename problem.
Public classUploadHandlerHandles HTTP file uploads from clients. Accepts POST requests to the url http://localhost/Hatteras/upload.asmx See ProcessRequest for list of parameters
Public classVersionConflictException
Public classVersionControlHttpHandler
Public classVersionControlIntegration
Public classVersionControlLabelRepresents a label. Called an "VersionControlLabel" so that it does not conflict with System.Windows.Forms.Label
Public classVersionControlLinkRepresents a link between a version control entity and an external entity identified by a URL
Public classVersionControlPage
Public classVersionControlWebService
Public classVersionedItemArtifactProvider
Public classVersionSpecA base class for encapsulating version specifications. Allows several different types of versions
Public classWarningThe warning object contains information that should be made available to a user. Warnings do not indicate an error condition; they indicate conditions about which a user should pay attention to.
Public classWebMethodNotSupportedExceptionThis exception is thrown for Web methods we no longer support.
Public classWildcardNotAllowedExceptionThrown when a wildcard is specified for a parameter where it is not allowed
Public classWorkingFolder
Public classWorkingFolderCreationException
Public classWorkingFolderExceptionThrown when the working folder set has a problem. Problem is indicated by the resource string passed, which becomes the message.
Public classWorkingFolderInUseExceptionIf the client attempts to create or update a workspace with a working folder mapping whose local path conflicts with another workspace on the same computer this exception is thrown.
Public classWorkspace
Public classWorkspaceCreationException
Public classWorkspaceDeletionException
Public classWorkspaceExceptionBase class for all exceptions that occur during workspace manipulation.
Public classWorkspaceExistsException
Public classWorkspaceItemUsed by QueryWorkspaceItems to represent an item. Inherits all fields from Item.
Public classWorkspaceItemSet
Public classWorkspaceNotFoundException
Public classWorkspaceNotification
Public classWorkspaceRequiresComputerNameExceptionWhen creating or updating a workspace the computer name is a required element. If cannot be NULL or set to an empty value.
Public classWorkspaceSecurityPublically accessible class describing a workspace's permissions.
Public classWorkspaceVersionSpecSpecifies a version based on a workspace name/owner.

Public enumerationAuthenticationTypeDescribes the possible authentication types. Currently only NTLM is supported. Used in tbl_Identity.AuthenticationType
Public enumerationChangeTypeValid change operations. Used in the ChangeType property of PendingChange
Public enumerationCheckinOptions
Public enumerationCheckinType
Public enumerationCheckinWorkItemActionCapture the user's intent on work items accompanying the checkin.
Public enumerationConflictTypeDescribes the possible conflict types.
Public enumerationDeletedStateParameters for QueryItems regarding deleted items (see prc_QueryItems)
Public enumerationGetOptionsKeep this in sync with Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.GetOptions Ideally we would move it into RepositoryConstants, but cannot because of backward compatibility
Public enumerationGlobalPermissionsDefines the permission bitmasks used in the database for system-wide permissions Used in tblPermission.GrantedPermission and tblPermission.RevokedPermission
Public enumerationItemType
Public enumerationLabelChildOptionEnumeration for LabelItem to determine what is to be done with children
Public enumerationLabelResultStatusReturned from prc_LabelItem and prc_UnlabelItem to indicate what has been done to each child label.
Public enumerationLockLevelValid locking levels. Used in the LockLevel property of PendingChange
Public enumerationLockStatusDefines the three locking levels Used in tbl_PendingChange.LockStatus
Public enumerationMergeFlagsThe different ways to resolve a merge. Used in tbl_PendingMerge.HowMerged and tbl_Merges.HowMerged.
Public enumerationMergeOptions
Public enumerationPendingSetTypeUsed to distinguish workspaces from pending sets in QueryPendingChanges calls.
Public enumerationRecursionTypePossible values for the @recursion flag
Public enumerationRequestType
Public enumerationResolutionThese are the different ways to resolve a conflict.
Public enumerationSeverityTypeIndicates contents of "failure" object.
Public enumerationShelvesetNotificationType
Public enumerationWarningTypePossible values for the WarningType column returned by prc_PendXXX (see func_ComputePendingChangeWarnings)
Public enumerationWorkingFolderTypeUsed to describe working folder entries. Each entry is either a map or a cloak