VersionControlServer Properties
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VersionControlServer Properties

The VersionControlServer type exposes the following members.

Public property ArtifactProvider Gets the ArtifactProvider for this server.
Public property AuthenticatedUser Gets the identity used by the server to authenticate the user.
Public property Canceled Gets or sets the flag to indicate whether the user asked to cancel the current operation.
Public property Static member ClientTracing Gets or sets the TraceSwitch object that represents the tracing level for all instances of VersionControlServer.
Public property CurrentCommand Gets or sets the command that is being executed on the client. The server records this information in the activity log so that server administrators can more easily understand the context in which individual calls to the server have taken place. This property is equivalent to the TeamFoundationServer.OperationName property.
Public property ServerGuid Gets the GUID for the source control server's database.
Public property TeamFoundationServer Gets the TeamFoundationServer object that owns this instance of VersionControlServer.
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