This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PermissionChange Class

Represents a permission change.


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll)

public sealed class PermissionChange : SecurityChange

The PermissionChange type exposes the following members.

Public methodPermissionChangeInitializes a new PermissionChange instance.

Public propertyStatic memberAllGlobalLocalizedPermissionsGets an array of all global localized permissions.
Public propertyStatic memberAllGlobalPermissionsGets an array of all global permissions.
Public propertyStatic memberAllItemPermissionsGets an array of all item permissions.
Public propertyStatic memberAllLocalizedItemPermissionsGets an array of all localized item permissions.
Public propertyAllowGets or sets the array of allow permissions for the identity.
Public propertyDenyGets or sets the deny permissions for the identity.
Public propertyIdentityNameGets or sets the identity that holds the permission.
Public propertyItemGets or sets the path of the item that belongs to this SecurityChange. (Inherited from SecurityChange.)
Public propertyRemoveGets or sets the array of permissions to remove.

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Public methodToStringCreates a user-readable string that describes the properties of a PermissionChange object. (Overrides SecurityChange.ToString().)

Public fieldStatic memberGlobalPermissionAdminConfigurationSpecifies the global permission for admin configuration.
Public fieldStatic memberGlobalPermissionAdminConnectionsSpecifies the global permission for admin connections.
Public fieldStatic memberGlobalPermissionAdminShelvesetsSpecifies the global permission for admin shelvesets.
Public fieldStatic memberGlobalPermissionAdminWorkspacesSpecifies the global permission for admin workspaces.
Public fieldStatic memberGlobalPermissionCreateWorkspaceSpecifies the global permission for create workspace operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionAdminProjectRightsSpecifies the item permission for admin project rights.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionCheckinSpecifies the item permission for checkin operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionCheckinOtherSpecifies the item permission for CheckinOther operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionLabelSpecifies the item permission for label operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionLabelOtherSpecifies the item permission for LabelOther operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionLockSpecifies the item permission for lock operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionManageBranchSpecifies the item permission for ManageBranch operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionMergeSpecifies the item permission for merge operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionPendChangeSpecifies the item permission for PendChange operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionReadSpecifies the item permission for read operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionReviseOtherSpecifies the item permission for ReviseOther operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionUndoOtherSpecifies the item permission for UndoOther operation.
Public fieldStatic memberItemPermissionUnlockOtherSpecifies the item permission for UnlockOther operation.

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