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ITestPlan.QueryTestPointStatistics Method (String)


Finds and returns the test point statistics that belong to this test plan and that match the given query.

Namespace:   Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client.dll)

ITestPointStatistics QueryTestPointStatistics(
	string queryText


Type: System.String

A WIQL string that finds test point statistics objects.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client.ITestPointStatistics

A collection of test point statistics.

Here are some of the WIQL fields that can be used in this query: SuiteId ConfigurationId TestCaseId PointState AreaPath RecursiveSuiteId: to query all points in the suite hierarchy starting with RecursiveSuiteId.

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