ITestManagementService Interface

Represents the main object for the test management client API. Provides access to project collection level helper objects and ITestManagementTeamProject.

Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client.dll)

public interface ITestManagementService

The ITestManagementService type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAuthorizedIdentityGets the identity of the current authorized user.
Public propertyDataCollectorsGets a helper object that has methods to create, query, register, unregister, and update the data collectors on the team foundation server.
Public propertyTestControllersGets a helper object that has methods to create, query, register, unregister, and update the test controllers on the team foundation server.

Public methodFindTestResultByLinkFinds and returns a test result and a test result attachment, if any, by using the provided uniform resource identifier (URI).
Public methodFindTestRunByTmiRunIdFinds and returns a test result by using the provided identifier for the Test Management Interface (TMI) run.
Public methodGetTeamProject(Project)Returns a team project object that is based on the provided project.
Public methodGetTeamProject(String)Returns the team project that has the provided project name.
Public methodIsSupportedReturns a value that indicates whether the current server supports test management services.
Public methodQueryTestRunsReturns a list of test runs that is found by executing the provided query.

Applications can obtain an instance of this service by using the TeamFoundationServer.GetService method.

This example shows how to get an instance of the ITestManagementService.

TeamFoundationServer tfs;
TestManagementService testManagementService;
tfs = new TeamFoundationServer("http://mserver:8080/tfs");
testManagementService = tfs.GetService<ITestManagementService>;

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