Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client.Internal Namespace

Public classBuildCoverageCompatFOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. This class helps in getting the Build Coverage on servers in versions of TFS earlier than TFS 2010.
Public classProjectCreationHelperFOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. Helper class for methods needed for Team Project creation plugin.
Public classPropertyOwnerFor internal use only. Owner of one or more properties that can be validated.
Public classRichTextRangeFormattingInfoFor internal use only. Utility class for capturing the rich text formatting information of a range.
Public classRichTextUtilitiesFor internal use only. Utility class used internally for managing Rich Text that is contained in Test Steps.
Public classTestManagementConstantsFor internal use only. Various constants used by Test Management.
Public classValidatorFor internal use only. Utility methods for various validations of input parameters.

Public interfaceIPropertyValidatorFor internal use only. Implements helper methods to validate property values and set\clear errors.
Public interfaceITestManagementServerArtifactFor internal use only. The Test Management server artifact.
Public interfaceITestManagementTeamProjectInternalFOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. Various methods that are used internally by Test Management.
Public interfaceITestResultAttachmentFor internal use only. Various methods that are used internally by Test Manager.