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Microsoft.TeamFoundation.TestManagement.Client Namespace

Provides interfaces and classes that cannot be derived from, but are primarily used internally by Visual Studio Test Professional.

Public classAccessDeniedExceptionRepresents an exception that was caused by an access problem in the test management.
Public classAttachmentUploadManagerExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown while an attachment is being uploaded.
Public classHierarchyEntryRepresents a test suite as a node in the hierarchy that is used to organize test points.
Public classInvalidParameterNameExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when an invalid parameter name is encountered in the test management API.
Public classInvalidQueryExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a query string is not a valid work item query language (WIQL) query.
Public classInvalidResultUpdateRequestExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when an invalid result is returned from an update request.
Public classInvalidStructurePathExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when an invalid structure path is encountered in the test management framework.
Public classInvalidWorkItemTypeExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the expected work item type does not match the actual work item type.
Public classParameterizedStringRepresents a string that has embedded parameters.
Public classStoredQueryNotFoundExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a stored query is not found.
Public classTeamProjectNotFoundExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the team project is not found.
Public classTemporaryFolderExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a temporary folder cannot be created.
Public classTestActionCollectionProvides an ordered list of test actions, in which actions are stored in the order that they are to be executed.
Public classTestActionResultCollectionRepresents a collection of test action result objects.
Public classTestCaseResultIdentifierInfrastructure.
Public classTestManagementConfigurationExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when an operation cannot finish because of a configuration error on the server.
Public classTestManagementExceptionProvides a base class for test management exceptions.
Public classTestManagementInvalidOperationExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown by the test management client for an invalid operation.
Public classTestManagementServerExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown by the test management server.
Public classTestManagementServiceInfrastructure. For information about this class, see ITestManagementService.
Public classTestManagementValidationExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when a property of an object has a value that is not valid or is missing.
Public classTestMessageLogEntryCollectionInfrastructure. Provides a collection of test message log entries.
Public classTestObjectIdRepresents the reserved object IDs.
Public classTestObjectInUseExceptionAn exception that is thrown when an attempt is made to delete a test object that is being used by another object.
Public classTestObjectMustBeSavedExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when the method of an object cannot execute successfully unless the object has been saved.
Public classTestObjectNotFoundExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a test object is required but not found.
Public classTestObjectUpdatedExceptionThe exception that is thrown by the test management server when the user attempts to update an object that has been more recently changed by another user.
Public classTestParameterCollectionRepresents a collection of test parameters in a shared step set, a test case, or a test step.
Public classTestParameterDeletingEventArgsProvides data for the event that is raised when a test parameter is deleted.
Public classTestResultParameterCollectionRepresents a collection of test result parameters in a given test iteration, shared step set, or test action.
Public classTestSuiteInvalidOperationException
Public classUploadCompletionEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the UploadCompletionEventHandler.
Public classUploadManagerEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for the UploadManagerEventHandler.
Public classWitLinkTypesInfrastructure. Provides strings that are used in link text for the test client.

Public structureIdAndNameRepresents a test object that has only an ID and a name.
Public structureParameterizedStringPartRepresents an embedded parameter in a ParameterizedString object.
Public structureTestImpactLinkInfrastructure. Represents a link to an object. This class has been deprecated and no alternative is available.
Public structureTestImpactNodeIdentifierInfrastructure. Represents an object in the test impact graph. This class has been deprecated and no alternative is available.
Public structureTestImpactPathInfrastructure. Represents a series of links that are used to find a test case. This class has been deprecated and no alternative is available.
Public structureTestMessageLogEntryIdentityA structure that holds information about the identity element of a log entry.

Public interfaceIActionRecordingHelperProvides a mapping connection between action recordings and their associated test cases.
Public interfaceIAttachmentCollectionRepresents a collection of attachments that is associated with test objects, such as test cases, test steps, test runs, test results, and shared steps.
Public interfaceIAttachmentOwnerRepresents the functionality that is required for an object to support attachments.
Public interfaceIAttachmentUploadEntryRepresents the information in IAttachmentUploadManager to track the background upload of a single attachment.
Public interfaceIAttachmentUploadManagerProvides properties and methods to manage background attachment uploads.
Public interfaceIBugFieldMappingRepresents the mapping of bug field properties to their work item tracking fields.
Public interfaceIBugFieldMappingHelperProvides helper methods for bug field mapping objects in Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceIBuildConfigurationRepresents the build outputs for a specific platform and flavor against a specific build.
Public interfaceIBuildCoverage
Public interfaceIBuildFilterDefines the criteria to use to choose a build to associate with a test plan.
Public interfaceICoverage
Public interfaceICoverageAnalysisManager
Public interfaceICoverageStatistics
Public interfaceIDataCollectorHelperRepresents methods for a set of data collectors that is registered on the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public interfaceIDataCollectorInformationRepresents information about a data collector that is registered in the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public interfaceIDataCollectorInformationCollectionA collection of information about data collectors.
Public interfaceIDynamicTestSuiteRepresents a test suite that is populated dynamically by a Work Item Query Language (WIQL) query.
Public interfaceIDynamicTestSuiteBaseProvides a common base class for all suites that are populated by the server.
Public interfaceIFunctionCoverage
Public interfaceIIdentifiable<TKey>Specifies that the object that implements this interface is identified by an object of specified generic parameter.
Public interfaceIImpactedTestPointRepresents a test point that has been affected by a build.
Public interfaceIImpactedTestPointCollectionRepresents a collection of test points that is affected by a build.
Public interfaceIMachineRoleDescribes a type of machine role for a testenvironment, such as the Web server role or the client role.
Public interfaceIMachineRoleCollectionRepresents a collection of machine roles.
Public interfaceIModuleCoverage
Public interfaceINewBuildStatisticsProvides statistics about the changes in the build since the last build was associated with the test plan.
Public interfaceIPropertyOwnerProvides a common interface for objects that support property binding.
Public interfaceIRequirementTestSuiteRepresents a test suite that is populated dynamically by finding test cases that are associated with a requirement work item.
Public interfaceIRunSettingsInfrastructure. Represents an interface that can be added to a test settings object to require an additional property in derived classes.
Public interfaceISharedStepRepresents a reusable collection of test actions.
Public interfaceISharedStepCollectionInfrastructure. Represents a collection of shared steps.
Public interfaceISharedStepHelperProvides helper methods and properties for ISharedStep objects.
Public interfaceISharedStepReferenceThis interface is used to call a shared step set from a test case.
Public interfaceISharedStepResultRepresents the result when a shared step is executed.
Public interfaceIStaticTestSuiteRepresents a test suite that consists of a user-specified list of test cases.
Public interfaceITestActionRepresents a single action and expected result.
Public interfaceITestActionGroupRepresents a group of test actions, each of which may contain other nested action groups.
Public interfaceITestActionResultRepresents the result of a single test action.
Public interfaceITestAttachmentEncapsulates a stream of bytes that is stored on the test management server.
Public interfaceITestBaseContains the common properties and methods of ITestCase and ISharedStep
Public interfaceITestCaseRepresents a test case that is stored in the team foundation server.
Public interfaceITestCaseCollectionRepresents a container for test cases.
Public interfaceITestCaseHelperProvides helper methods and properties for ITestCase objects.
Public interfaceITestCaseQueryRepresents a stored test case query.
Public interfaceITestCaseResultRepresents the status of a test case that is executed against a test run.
Public interfaceITestCaseResultCollectionRepresents a collection of ITestCaseResult objects.
Public interfaceITestCaseResultHelperProvides helper methods and properties for ITestCaseResult objects.
Public interfaceITestCaseResultIdentifierRepresents the complete unique identifier for a test case result.
Public interfaceITestConfigurationProvides test configuration information for a test management object, such as an ITestPlan object.
Public interfaceITestConfigurationCollectionRepresents a collection of ITestConfiguration objects.
Public interfaceITestConfigurationHelperProvides helper properties and methods for test configuration objects.
Public interfaceITestControllerRegisters a test controller with the Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceITestControllerHelperProvides helper methods for test controllers.
Public interfaceITestEnvironmentRepresents a test environment in the test management client.
Public interfaceITestEnvironmentHelperProvides a helper interface with methods for test environments.
Public interfaceITestExternalLinkRepresents a link to an external object.
Public interfaceITestExternalLinkCollectionRepresents a collection of links to external objects.
Public interfaceITestImplementationRepresents a link to the implementation of an automated test.
Public interfaceITestIterationResultRepresents the result of an execution of a test case against a row of data.
Public interfaceITestIterationResultCollectionRepresents a collection of test iteration results that are shown in a test result.
Public interfaceITestManagementServiceRepresents the main object for the test management client API. Provides access to project collection level helper objects and ITestManagementTeamProject.
Public interfaceITestManagementTeamProjectRepresents a test management team project in Visual Studio Test Professional. Provides access to several test management helper objects.
Public interfaceITestMessageLogEntryRepresents a log entry for a test object.
Public interfaceITestMessageLogOwnerRepresents the owner of a log.
Public interfaceITestObject<T>Infrastructure. Provides a base interface for objects that are stored on the Visual Studio Test Professional server.
Public interfaceITestObjectCollection<TObjectInterface>Infrastructure. Represents the base interface for collections of test management objects.
Public interfaceITestParameterRepresents a parameter used in a test step.
Public interfaceITestPlanRepresents a test plan.
Public interfaceITestPlanCollectionInfrastructure. Represents a collection of test plans.
Public interfaceITestPlanHelperContains create, find, and query methods for a test plan.
Public interfaceITestPointRepresents the execution state of a test case in a suite against a configuration as part of a test plan.
Public interfaceITestPointAssignmentProvides helper methods for the AssignTestPoints method.
Public interfaceITestPointCollectionRepresents a collection of test points for the test point query methods in the ITestPlan interface.
Public interfaceITestPointPropertiesRepresents the properties of a test point that are subject to change.
Public interfaceITestPointStatisticRepresents the Count for a test point statistic that is identified by the combination of PointState, ResultOutcome, ResultState, and FailureType.
Public interfaceITestPointStatisticsRepresents the counts of points in various specific states as selected by the ITestPlan.QueryTestPointStatistics method.
Public interfaceITestResolutionStateInfrastructure. Represents the resolution status of a test case result.
Public interfaceITestResolutionStateHelperProvides helper methods for test resolution state objects in Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceITestResolutionStateStatisticInfrastructure. Represents the statistics for a particular resolution state in a test run.
Public interfaceITestResultProvides a base interface for results from test cases, test actions, and test iterations.
Public interfaceITestResultParameterInfrastructure. Represents the expected and actual values of a parameter during a test execution.
Public interfaceITestRunRepresents an execution of a set of tests against a specific build.
Public interfaceITestRunCoverage
Public interfaceITestRunHelperProvides helper properties and methods for test run objects in Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceITestRunStatisticRepresents a count of results for test runs that have a specific resolution state, result outcome, and result state.
Public interfaceITestRunStatisticsRepresents the counts of several aspects of test results for a test run.
Public interfaceITestSettingsRepresents the test settings that are used by test plans and test runs.
Public interfaceITestSettingsHelperProvides helper properties and methods for test settings objects in Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceITestSettingsMachineRoleRepresents a machine role that is associated with a test settings object.
Public interfaceITestSettingsMachineRoleCollectionRepresents a collection of machine roles that is associated with a test settings object.
Public interfaceITestStepRepresents a single test action and expected test result.
Public interfaceITestStepResultRepresents the test result of execution of a single test step.
Public interfaceITestSuiteBaseRepresents the common properties and methods that are used by all suite types.
Public interfaceITestSuiteCollectionInfrastructure. Represents a collection of test suites.
Public interfaceITestSuiteEntryRepresents an entry in a test suite entry collection.
Public interfaceITestSuiteEntryCollectionRepresents a collection of test suite entries.
Public interfaceITestSuiteHelperProvides helper properties and methods for test suites in Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceITestVariableRepresents a variable name that is used in test configurations and its possible values.
Public interfaceITestVariableHelperProvides helper properties and methods for test variable objects in Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public interfaceITestVariableValueRepresents a possible value for a test variable.
Public interfaceITfsIdentityStore
Public interfaceITmiTestImplementationRepresents a link to an automated test in the unit test infrastructure.

Public delegateTestParameterDeletingEventEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the event that is raised when a test parameter is deleted.
Public delegateUploadCompletionEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the event that is raised when an attachment has been successfully uploaded.
Public delegateUploadManagerEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles events that are raised by the upload manager.

Public enumerationCoverageQueryFlagsUsed to choose which coverage data is returned when a query coverage method is called.
Public enumerationCoverageStateIndicates the current state of a set of coverage data.
Public enumerationDeleteActionIndicates the test actions that are to be executed when test objects are deleted from a test.
Public enumerationEnvironmentParentTypesInfrastructure. Indicates the type of owner of the test environments.
Public enumerationFailureTypeIndicates the type of failure for a test run.
Public enumerationGeneratedBugFieldsRepresents the predefined fields whose customized names are provided in IBugFieldMapping.FieldMappings.
Public enumerationMessageCodesEnumerates the error codes for specific error conditions.
Public enumerationObjectTypesEnumerates object types in the test management area of Visual Studio Test Professional.
Public enumerationPostProcessStateInfrastructure. Enumerates the possible settings for the state of any post-processing that occurs on the server, such as code coverage analysis.
Public enumerationServerVersion
Public enumerationSourceFileActionRepresents possible actions to take after uploading a file attachment.
Public enumerationTestConfigurationStateEnumerates the possible values that indicate the state of a test configuration.
Public enumerationTestImpactNodeTypeInfrastructure. Represents the possible evidence link types for test cases impacted by a build. This class has been deprecated and no alternative is available.
Public enumerationTestMessageLogEntryLevelEnumerates the possible levels for the log entry in the test message log.
Public enumerationTestOutcomeRepresents the outcome of a completed test.
Public enumerationTestPlanStateProvides the settings for the ITestPlan.State property.
Public enumerationTestPointStateRepresents the possible values for the State property.
Public enumerationTestResultStateEnumerates the possible states of a test.
Public enumerationTestRunAbortOptionsEnumerates the options to use to abort a test run.
Public enumerationTestRunStateEnumerates the possible status settings for a test run.
Public enumerationTestRunTypeEnumerates the possible types for test-run objects.
Public enumerationTestStepTypeEnumerates the possible types of test steps.
Public enumerationTestSuiteEntryTypeEnumerates the possible types of test suite entries.
Public enumerationTestSuiteStateEnumerates the possible states for a test suite.
Public enumerationTestSuiteTypeEnumerates the possible types of test suites.
Public enumerationUploadManagerEventTypeEnumerates the possible types of events that are handled by the UploadManagerEventHandler.
Public enumerationUploadPauseReasonProvides the reasons that an IAttachmentUploadEntry could be paused.
Public enumerationUploadStateRepresents the possible states during the upload process.

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